Ugh Hill Running

It’s no secret that I really don’t care for hills because, umm, they’re hard. Unless I am training for a hilly race I will avoid them or my running friends/running group will force me to run them.

I am always thankful when I do run hills because it is an awesome way to strength train and build speed. Also helps to strengthen hamstrings, hips, calves and other leg parts.

Tuesday night, I met with the Second Sole running group and they were doing hill repeats, ugh, I mean great! Had I ran on my own I would have only done 5-6 miles because my legs were still sore from Monday’s 5K, so it was good I was meeting up with them. We did a 2.5ish mile warm up just to get to “the hill”. I think the hill is called Rockcliffe, but don’t quote me on that. Then we sprint up the hill for 90 seconds. The hill is big enough that it would take me at least 2 mins to get to the top, so I am glad we run for time and not distance here.

The Uphill

 If you make it to the top you get an awesome view of the Rocky River Metroparks. My camera does not even do it justice.

The View

After sprinting up the hill for 90 secs we recover and jog back down the hill.

The Downhill

Then repeat! Ugh, crazy talk, but yes do it multiple times. Most people start out with 5 and work up to 8. I am crazy and just jump in and do 8.

Not gonna lie the first time I did these I was dying, it was tough stuff and I was huffing and puffing. However, yesterday when I did them there was a noticeable improvement. I could get farther up the hill (which means I was faster), breathing was better and overall was not too torturous.

Then took a nice 2.5ish mile cooldown to get back to where we started.

Jeff Galloway says:

 Did you know that running uphill, at race pace; will strengthen your legs better than any weight training you could do?

I am not running uphill at race pace…yet

Do you run hills? Would you ever run a completely down hill course? I think my quads would give out on a complete down hill course.

14 thoughts on “Ugh Hill Running

  1. I am a big fan of hill repeats! My high school and college cross country courses were crazy hilly and we did some insane repeats on them. I always feel like a total BA when I finish a workout like that. The thunder thighs become even more so when I incorporate more hill repeats into my workouts. Like to the point that my thighs hold my pants up, no need for a belt! Nice job on being an 8 repeat rockstar!

    1. Your HS course is hell in a handbasket. But I guess our Muskie course is much worse. But at least I have a little love for that one.

  2. Um, I hate hills. A lot. However, running downhill always leaves more more sore than running uphill (I used to do this a lot out in AZ!).

  3. Currently I don’t run hills, have serious achilles issues still. As soon as I am confident in the achilles then its back to running hills 🙂

    If you want to be fast you have to do what it takes. Track workouts, tempo runs, and hills.

  4. That one time I went out to the RR metroparks, I ran up one of the hills there (I don’t remember which one it was). I haven’t gone back for a reason.
    But then I found a nastier one in the North Chagrin Metroparks on Monday. I only was able to run up halfway and I thought I was going to die once I made it to the top 🙂

  5. i have learned to love hills. i don’t like driving places for runs (hate wasting gas), and since i live on a mountain, i either have to go up and then down…or down and then up. my back end has also learned to love them…just sayin.

  6. freaking awesome job! I hate hills more than anything, but if I run outside around my home, I HAVE to run some pretty killer hills. We live at the top of a giant mile long hill, it’s terrible, there’s no avoiding it. I’ve never actually thought about doing mile repeats on it, though…

  7. My long run on Sunday was all down hill. My calves haven’t been the same since.

    I stand by that Jeff Galloway quote. I also have found myself saying this quote a lot during my runs lately: “Running downhill builds confidence. Running uphill builds character.”

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