Run For Pierogies 5K

Saturday marked the first ever 5K run for pierogies for the American Cancer Society. There was a surprisingly large amount of people that showed up for this race, apparently I am not the only pierogie lover in Cleveland.

The course is a double loop that takes place entirely on the Tri-C campus. I usually do fairly good on a double loop course since I know what is coming and know when to push it. Also it was really flat so I was expecting a somewhat stellar time.

But first I met up with all these lovely people.

Running bloggers 4 pierogies
Jen, Morgan, Courney, Alicia, Me, Kali and Steph

The above picture features some awesome Cleveland bloggers from the Ohio Blogging Association. Alicia from Poise in Parma gathered all of us to meet at this race and if it wasn’t for her I probably wouldn’t have even heard about this race.

It was expected to be a high of 80 on Saturday so I figured it would be 70s for the race. But it got significantly hotter as we got closer to the start of the race but I ignored it for the most part because it is only 3.1 not like I have to run a marathon in that heat.

As I toed the line I met up with fellow Cleveland runners Molly and Ryan and said our good lucks as we got ready for the race to start. As the race started I gunned it out of the start. I knew I was going too fast but really wanted to push myself. At the first mile I was at 6:30 and only went down hill from there. I tried to push it to keep a 7 min pace but I wasted all my energy on the first mile and ran the second mile in just under 7:30. I tried really hard to push it the last mile but there was nothing left. Oh and the sun was beating down, it was so hot during this race, no shade on the course.

Unofficial time was 22:40, very disappointed in my time for this race. Maybe I am just being hard on myself but I have been working hard and expected to go under 22 mins for this race. I could blame the heat or having tired legs, but instead I am going to suck it up and keep working hard. Eventually, it will click and I will run faster times.

Molly and Moja

Molly was the 2nd female overall and won our age group! Baller! I did not place in our age group, but I did win a dozen frozen pierogies to take home with me so I guess the race wasn’t a total loss.

Next race up is the Winking Lizard 4-Miler “A Shot In The Dark” I am a huge fan of this race and of bar that sponsors it so it is always a fun race to run!

14 thoughts on “Run For Pierogies 5K

  1. You are doing great! Just keep pushing yourself, your times will fall, and most likely when you least expect them too! 🙂 I ran A Shot in the Dark last year and thought it was so miserable hot, I remember almost puking after the race when I had to walk through the throngs of people pounding burgers and beers. Blech. GOOD LUCK! 🙂

  2. I think you are doing great. The conditions were pretty brutal Saturday. I finished my long run by 8:20 and was still beat from the heat… I’m sure it was MUCH worse by the time you were running.

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