EverStride Review And Promo Code

I first discovered EverStride products through #RunChat and have been itching to try these products ever since. Recently, I was sent some EverStride products to try and want to share my review with you.


EverStride Sunscreen

EverStride Skin Defense SPF 29 Spray, was one of the first products I tried. I came home from work and was in a hurry to get to my run group, didn’t have time to put my normal sunscreen on so I grabbed this bottle and applied in the car on my way. Spray lotions have got to be the greatest things ever created. You can apply lotion without getting your hands all greasy and apply when you are in a hurry. This lotion was great because you didn’t have to rub it in or wait for it to dry. After my run I came home sunburn free!

EverStride Cooling Balm

The next product I tried was the EverStride Cooling Muscle Balm. I applied it after a grueling hill workout when my legs were really sore. It was non-greasy like other products I have tried and has a unique applicator that allows you to massage the muscles as you apply. Makes for a faster recovery for those tired muscles.

Anti-Chafing Sport Stick

I am a huge huge HUGE fan of anything that prevents me from chafing. I used this all over my feet, inner thighs, lower back, side where I attach my ipod, under my bra and under my arms. Yes, I chafe everywhere but this stuff really helps to keep the blisters away and to keep your clothes from rubbing you wrong.

EverStride was kind enough to offer me a promotion code for my readers. Use the Promo Code “moja” to receive 25% off and free shipping!

 Have you ever tried EverStride Products? If so which ones?

*Disclosure: I was sent these items at no cost in exchange for my review.  The opinions on this post are 100% my own!

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