Completely Random Night…….Not In Cleveland

Ok we started in Cleveland. My good friend Eric was in from Houston and Dan and his fiancé Nicole were in from Dallas. What are the chances that two of my good friends who live in Texas would be in Cleveland the same weekend.


It was going to be a long night so we decided to carb up with fried food and beer at Quaker steak.

                  DSCN1379  DSCN1380

Picture 1: I forced my friends to let me take their picture in the “We Had Buckets Of Fun” sign. Picture 2: My other friends drove by to point and laughed.

Then it was on to get gas….and take self timer pics while we waited.

                  DSCN1381  DSCN1382

Our driver thought we were being goofy. I think he was just jealous he missed the self timer pictures. So I snapped a very unflattering picture of him hehe

He is single ladies, eat you heart out!

Then after our share of pictures and filling up on gas we made the drive to Erie, PA to try our luck at the Presque Isle Casino. I failed and took zero pictures at the casino Sad smile but while there I managed to lose only $60 which isn’t too bad since we were there from 12am til 4am. Umm yeah 4 am is waaayyy past my bedtime, what is it about casinos that keeps you up all night with no problem.

I honestly do not know why we stopped at a random gas station before we hopped on the freeway but we did and I was beyond happy because they had TIM HORTONS!!!!!

I forced E-Rock (Eric) to get something from Tim Hortons because a.) he had never had Tim Hortons and b.) it’s awesome.

He likes it!

Manchild knows how awesome it is but decided to have a Slim Jim as well. Those are two things I would never want to have together.

4:07am=Slim Jims and Coffee

If you follow me on Twitter then you know that I didn’t get home til 6:30am! I think I am getting a little too old to be staying out that late.

What’s the latest you stayed up, post-college?

2 thoughts on “Completely Random Night…….Not In Cleveland

  1. Love Tim Hortons. Fort Wayne is stupid and doesn’t have them here.

    Last I recall staying out to 3 a.m. during my Sandusky trip a few weeks ago. Any time I stay out late it’s when I’m reuniting with old friends. Otherwise my bedtime is like 11 p.m.


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