Winking Lizard 4 Miler: A Shot In The Dark


I completely set myself up for a bad race with this one. Here is why:

  1. I stayed up til 6:30am Friday/Saturday and when I finally fell asleep I only got 2 hours of sleep Sad smile
  2. I had Chipotle for lunch. Completely globed on with sour cream and cheese. I blame the Manchild on this, he went and picked up lunch. He is a machine and can eat anything before a run. Me, not so much.
  3. It was really really hot and humid and the race is almost completely in the sun.
  4. I drank almost no water on Saturday.
  5. I was cranky and really tired. Manchild calls is Fiesty.

However, this is a really popular race for the summer. It starts later in the day (5pm) so all those non-runners show up. I am not sure on exactly how many people were there but it was easily over 5000. Winking Lizard is one of my favorite bars so I had to be there to run it.

Pre-Race I was really warmed up. Manchild did not pre-register and when we got to the race they were out of registration forms! We also realized that race day registration was $30 not $25 like I thought so we had to run back to the car for more moolah. We parked a mile away so it was easily a 2 mile warm up (there and back and there again). By the time we got back the forms were there, we got the Manchild registered were already sweaty and thirsty.

And then I ran into these runners.

Ryan, Moja and Beal

For those of you who do not know, Matt Beal is an avid cyclist and biked over 60 miles on Saturday Morning! I love that he still made it out to run a race as well. The Beast Award easily goes to him for the day. His race recaps are not up yet because he is probably recovering but when they are posted you should definitely check them out! 

This race starts off downtown right next to The Q (Quicken Loans Arena) and basically goes up over the Carnegie bridge, through parts of Tremont and then winds back towards downtown and goes over the Veterans Memorial bridge and you make your way back to the start, which is now the finish. That’s the short description of the course.

The worst part about this race, besides the heat, is the gradual hills you experience by going over the bridges. However, this race has been the same for years so it is expected. I ran the first mile in exactly 7 mins. Way faster than I thought I would. I expected to run closer to 8. The second and third miles were easily closer to 8 min miles though. I was feeling the effects of my poor preparation and the heat during this time. I didn’t get too upset about it though and pushed on. The last mile was my slowest but I came in with a time of 32:20 an 8:05 pace. I honestly expected it would have been over 33 minutes. I ended up with 18th in my age group (out of 148).

I ran into tons of friends at this race.

Steph and Me


Post-Race pictures with my sweaty friends are always fun. Pic 1: Tana and her baby Sienna. She looks great for having a baby! Pic 2: Me and Kelly, who is an awesome runner. She ran the 2 mile relay with her sister and were first over all! Pic 3: Manchild, Moja, Alex and Carrie, who bought me a post race beer because I didn’t bring cash 😦

And a post-race dance partay/Manchild Sandwich.


Despite a less than stellar race I will easily be back to run this race again. It’s always a lot of fun and gets a great turn out.

Next races on the schedule is a double, the Muddy Paws 10 miler in the morning, followed the Lakewood Summer Meltdown 5K at night. Feel free to call me crazy but I love running races close together.

6 thoughts on “Winking Lizard 4 Miler: A Shot In The Dark

  1. Great Job to you and the manchild! You guys rocked that race. Thanks for your kind words as well. I definitely wasn’t feeling very beastly at the end of that run. Lol. You are right. I’ve been recovering all day and will have my race recaps up in the day or two. I’m gonna have to steal that great photo of us for my recap if you don’t mind.

  2. Despite the heat, humidity, and hills it is a fun race (and much better to run NOT hungover from tequila the night before). No races for me this weekend though. Off to PIB for Christmas in July!

    P.S. Beal: note the color I am wearing 🙂

  3. Sounds like a fun race and huge!!

    5 p.m. start is rough though. It’s been SO HOT out.

    I’m looking at doing a race in a few weeks that starts at 7 p.m., and I’m worried even that is not going to be late enough!

  4. Definitely a hot running weekend!!! I wish they’d start the “Shot in the Dark”…in the DARK! Not only would it be super fun to run downtown in the dark, but it would be SO much cooler. Glad you guys had fun…I would have thrown up if I had Chipotle before I ran. You get the Beast Award for keeping it down!! hahahaaaa 🙂

    Good luck in your races this weekend!! I wish I were ready to rock out a 10 miler…still got a couple weeks to go! Looking forward to reading how it goes!!

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