Lakewood Summer Meltdown 5K

After my not so awesome trail race on Saturday morning I had some time to collect my thoughts and then get ready for race number 2 The Lakewood Summer Meltdown 5K.

I arrived about and hour before the race and was not pre-registered because I wanted to see how I felt after the trail run that morning. When I got to registration I found out they were out of my shirt size and I ended up with a large race T. It comes down to my knees so it makes an excellent night gown.

I decided to do a short 1 mile warm up since my legs were pretty tired from the morning still. During the warm-up my legs felt like lead. They were very heavy feeling so I decided I would aim to run the 5k in under 23 mins but ideally I wanted to run around 22:30.

Before the race started I ran into Heather, her family and Kali. I have no pictures because the car was parked pretty far away and we were expecting rain so I didn’t want to risk ruining my camera.

When I first arrived at the race it was extremely sunny and barely any clouds out. As it got closer to the start time, you could hear the thunder and see some dark clouds coming in. Minutes before the race started there was a torrential downpour.

As I toed the line, I just laughed at how hard it was raining. I was soaked and could not even look straight without getting water in my eyes. As the gun went off, I took off. However, when I looked straight ahead to run I could not see, there was so much rain that my contact had almost fell out of my eye. I have no idea how it ended up staying in my eye, I was pretty sure it was going to fall out and was just hoping that the one in the other eye would stay put. By mile .5 the contact was back in its normal cushy place and I looked down at my watch to see that I was at a 6:40 pace. Maybe my contact should try falling out more often.

I did not bring my headphones for this race, I am slowly starting to run without them. At least for my shorter runs and races. After mile 1 where I usually slow down I just kept repeating to myself “keep pushing keep pushing” (I’d make an awesome birthing coach) and I held on to a very even pace. For the last mile I just wanted to make sure I didn’t slow down and at least hold onto the pace. The end of mile 3 is slightly going uphill but I tried my best to ignore it and challenged the guy (total stranger) next to me to race me to the finish line.

 He ended up smoking me but I finished with a time of 21:52!!!! WAHOOOO! crushed my goal and ran my fastest time this summer. My PR is 20:57 and I am trying really hard to get that PR this  year.

My time was good enough for 3rd in my age group. Manchild also ran on Saturday and ran his fastest time ever 19:05 and also ended up with 3rd in his age group.

3rd place age group winners!

We got some nice little plaques and also got the visors that you see in the picture. They say “Can You Handle The Heat?”

I had a great time at this race and hope to run it next year. My only complaint is that they had free sno-cones but they were gone after the race so I missed out 😦 I am guessing they packed up and left because of the storm.

6 thoughts on “Lakewood Summer Meltdown 5K

  1. Nice job Jess & Manchild! You did awesome, esp after your trail run in the morning. Sad about the sno-cone though, I know how much you love them!

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