People of the Dash

Before I post my personal review of the Warrior Dash, I like to share some of the costumes and crazy people I snapped pictures of at the Warrior Dash this weekend. My mom also snapped some of these photos and I stole them from her.

2 for 1

I call this the Two for one deal. Somehow my Mom managed to snap a picture of the guy who ran in a wrestling uniformed, followed by a guy in a speedo

Speedo Cowboy

This speedo cowboy was one of my favorites. I am curious if he ran with the hat though.

Not a lady

Yes that is a dude. My mom took this and I was like “why did she take a pic of this lady?” After further review, that is no lady!

This Guy

This guy was huge. The picture did not do him justice. I am pretty sure he did the race with his shield and spear although I may have mixed him up with another guy. Yes, there was more than 1.

Flying Guy

I have reviewed this photo many times and every time it looks like that guy is flying and about to land on barbed wire. I did not take an after photo so I guess we will never know.

There were plenty of other people in costumes but once covered in mud it was hard to tell. I saw a lot of tutu’s, cave-men type speedos, camo gear and old Halloween costumes. Also, some pretty impressive beards. I managed to not get any beard pics though 😦

8 thoughts on “People of the Dash

  1. Do you find it creepy that I took all those pics of guys wearing next to nothing! OK – at least I didn’t take a picture of the chick in the skirt with a ‘beard’ peaking out below her skirt! Unbelievable!

  2. there were so many crazy outfits when I did this back in June. We almost felt like outcasts for not having a costume on. I left my shoes after the race and some girl actually asked to wear mine since she didn’t want to ruin them. I of course let her but it grossed me out a bit 🙂

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