Life Decisions

The past couple weeks I have had to make a lot of big girl decisions. Being a responsible 20 something year old can be really tough. But I feel like a ton has been lifted off my shoulders by making these decisions.

Decision #1: To Cancel or Not To Cancel Netflix.

After having many problems with Netflix the past year and then having the prices raised I finally decided to part ways with Netflix. It was a fun 5 years but it was time to go our separate ways…right after I watched as many movies as possible that were left in my queue. However, I needed to replace my movie renting with something else and was  having a hard time deciding between Blockbuster, AmazonTV and Hulu. Until I finally decided to try Redbox. For years I have walked by these machines being confused on how you can rent a movie from them for only $1. Now I am a proud Redbox user and cannot even begin to tell you how many movies I have rented the past 7 days.

I will really love Redbox when they come out with a drive-through Redbox and start selling snacks  at Redbox.

Decision #2: Run the Towpath Marathon or the Detroit Marathon

 I could run the Towpath Marathon since it is supposed to be scenic, flat, fast and close to home. Or I could make a weekend trip up to Detroit and run that marathon which goes into Canada and has an underwater tunnel that you run through. After much thought into this I decided that I should just run both! Oh and I should mention they are a week apart. Good thing I am a marathon maniac.

October 9, 2011
October 16, 2011

P.S. Dear Friends who are getting married in the next couple of months, Sorry I spent all my money on race registrations and not on getting you a wedding gift. Please accept these used books, clothes, candles and anything else I have laying around the house instead. Thanks, Moja

9 thoughts on “Life Decisions

  1. The detroit marathon sounds like so much fun! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear how it goes. I love redbox too, I like reserving games or movies on my phone and picking them up later (well, sending husband!)

  2. I’ve been seriously thinking about canceling netflix (esp since prices are going up) and I can’t make a damn decision about it! I am glad I haven’t been the only one with this dilemma.

    Also, B and I are running the towpath half that day…so we’ll see ya there!

  3. You must let me know how the Detroit race is. It’s in my list of 25 (once I get my passport) I’m also interested in how the tunnel will be…I’m kind of afraid of them! Good luck in both races

  4. Detroit rocks. I really love that city. The people mover is so much fun, and Greektown is da place to be! Shame on all you Detroit bashers. The marathon does look super fun, but I’m def not a maniac yet. One this year was enough for me…

    I love Netflix. If they didn’t have every episode of every embarrassing show that I watch available to stream live, I might cancel it. But as it is, I can watch The Secret Life of the American Teenager as many times as I want to and no one knows about it.


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