More Warrior Dash

Are you sick of hearing about this? No. What’s that? You want to see more pictures.

Well who am I to deny my fans a bunch of muddy Moja pics. Enjoy!

Look Cameras!


Cameras=Make Crazy Face And Throw your hands in the air


Little Moja legs almost caught fire...


Just kidding, I'm faster than fire anyways


When running through mud, put your arms out like an airplane so you can look ridiculous in pictures.


Finish with a smile..errr, I forgot that part

I am amazed at how many pictures they snapped of me. I am even more amazed that they can read my bib number. It is covered in mud, how do they know it is me?

7 thoughts on “More Warrior Dash

  1. Awesome! We had a ridiculous time when we did it earlier this year too!!!

    Think they go based on your finish times to figure out pictures??? Couldn’t figure it out either… maybe face recognition software?

  2. I’ve been thinking about doing Warrior Dash in October here in NorCal, and I think you just sealed the deal for me right here — it looks like you had SO much fun, and you get SO dirty. I love it.

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