NERC Cross Country Series – $3 for a 5K

I am not kidding, this 5K only costs me $3.

This race is conducted on 3 consecutive Tuesdays in August. I missed the first one but was glad I made it for the second one and hopefully the third one.

It is a cross country style race and mostly high school students who run it. So I was feeling pretty old until one girl asked me what high school I went to, bah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah!

Me: Well 10 years ago I went to _ _ _ _.

High School Girl: Oh really?

Me: hahahahahahahaha I’m old.

The course is Cross Country meets Trail Race….or maybe it is all cross country, I wouldn’t really know. Basically, there is a lot of grass running, gravel trail running, very little pavement running, running across bridges (my fav), slippery wooden plank thingys, nice downhill in the middle of mile 2 and huge killer uphill finish. The killer uphill finish is what is bringing me back for next week and also the chance to run the same course again to see if I can beat my time!

While my goal was to run under 23, I ended up running 23:52 (or something like that) I ran hard, it’s a tough course and you get trapped in between high schoolers which can be frustrating.


Oh I should mention, no t-shirts, no bibs (unless you count the orange ribbon you pin to yourself), this race is not chip timed, when you cross the finish line you are given a popsicle stick with your number on it and you take it to a table where they magically calculate your time and age group place. I got second in my age group! Holla!

So if you are looking for a race to do next Tuesday or if you just want to stalk me you can find me here!

P.S. There is also a 1 mile that starts after the 5K finishes. Going to try and talk my sister into doing that one!

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