Washington D.C.

Once Upon A Time….or about 2 weekends ago I went on my little weekend jaunt to D.C. to attend Wedding Palooza Part 3. However, while there I tried to enjoy all the sights and sounds of D.C.

The day started out by waking up at the awful hour of 3am, packing (yeah, I wait til the last minute) and then starting the drive, oh wait returned movies at 4:30am and then drove around for 25 mins trying to find a gas station open before 5am AND THEN started the nice long drive to D.C. But the garmin said it would only take 5 hours so that sounded like a deal to me.

After stopping for coffee, gas and taking a minor detour to an outlet mall I arrived in D.C. 8ish hours later. First stop was to locate hotel in Dupont and then drive around and waste time since I was too early to check in. Also, perfect timing because I needed some lunch so it was off to Busboys and Poets, where it is perfectly acceptable to get a sangria before 2pm 🙂 After lunch, there was still time to drive around so I headed up to Georgetown to see what all the fuss was about.

Cute Georgetown Houses

I had been warned about D.C. traffic but didn’t expect it on a Thursday in the afternoon. So that was quite the experience in itself, after spending an hour milling around Georgetown shops I headed to check into the hotel, mostly so I could squeeze in a nap workout.

If you are wondering why there are so little photos in this post, it’s probably because I drove 8 hours and didn’t shower so I didn’t want my picture taken. I was tired and cranky because instead of napping I decided to work out for 2 hours. Traffic in D.C. also made me cranky. I also had a massive cold and words can’t describe how awful it was.

For dinner I spotted the cutest restaurant, Circa at Dupont, with a nice big patio that I thought would be perfect for dinner to sit on. Well apparently for dinner it basically turns into a loud bumping nightclub 😦 Also spent an hour driving in circles trying to find parking because I didn’t realize it was less than a mile from the hotel, oops. Oh and the dress code in Cleveland is not comparable to the dress code in D.C., I was dressed up and still underdressed! To salvage the night I decided ice cream would be the fix so I headed on over to Mr. Yogato, which I thought was like Menchies…it wasn’t but the idea of it was fun. Check the website rules out to see what I mean, I witnessed dancing and people with stamps on their heads.).

So day 1 was not all rainbows and lollipops are whatever that saying is but I promise it got better from there (minus the cold, that stayed all weekend).

                         DSCN1575   DSCN1578

Friday was the wedding that I know you all read about but Saturday I was able to spend the entire day being a tourist…right after I had an early lunch with some college friends at Rosa Mexicano, they need to come to Cleveland, so yummy. Saturday I spent time at the National Archives where I got to see the Declaration of Independence, got to hang out at the Internal Spy Museum, serioulsy walked around D.C. looking at monuments for about 8 hours before grabbing dinner at Jaleo.

Sunday was an early start for me because of course I had to get a run in before walking around D.C. again. First stop was to Arlington National Cemetary. Probably would have enjoyed it more if it wasn’t 100 degrees and I was instantly sweating just stepping outside. But even with that I thought it was pretty cool and a must see.

             DSCN1585 DSCN1592

How cool if the pic of Manchild holding the flag in the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument?

            DSCN1594 DSCN1621

After walking all day Saturday renting bikes was a must! Slightly dorky bikes but tons of fun and made it so much easier to get around and see stuff. Yes that is me, oh you know, just biking infront of the White House. No biggie


This is probably my favorite picture from the whole trip but seriously took a lot of pictures of this monument. Probably because it is so big you can see it from all over the place.

I probably left out a couple things, I know I ate at more restaurants but can’t remember where and I learned how to take the metro! Go Moja!

Have you been to D.C.? What is your favorite? I am sure I missed lots.



2 thoughts on “Washington D.C.

  1. I love DC. I went there for the first time for work a few months ago. I lost track of time running around all the monuments! I didn’t realize it was a short drive (even with the outlet mall shopping), I’ll have to go back soon… I heard the fall is beautiful there.

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