The Perfect 10 Miler

I don’t know about you but I plan a lot of these posts in my head before I actually sit down and type them out. This post originally started out pretty bad.

I had a hard time sleeping, it was pouring rain off and on all night, my garmin decided to stop working for no reason whatsoever, my left heel was bothering me, my right heel had a huge blister and was bleeding before I even arrived, I was cranky and I just really didn’t feel like running 10 miles.

However, I started to cheer up when I ran into some running friends. John, Christian and Anna. Anna and I have been chatting on twitter for a while so it was so nice to meet in person. I also ran into Kristen whose blog I have been reading for the past couple months (didn’t have my camera when I ran into Kristen though)

John, Moja, Christian and Anna

Pre-race I also ran into MaryPat (MP) who gave me good advice (as always). She told me to just run by how I felt and that I will probably run a good time by doing so. She also reminded me about the gradual hill that seems to go on forever and told me not be discouraged and to just keep running and enjoy the downhill after that.

So the race started out and after about 30 seconds I wanted to turn around and go back to my car and drive home. After about a minute I still felt the same way but was thinking about a big fat DNF (Did Not Finish). If I ever have a DNF I want it to be because of an injury or sickness not because I a having a bad morning.

I knew I was going slightly too fast but wasn’t sure how fast because I had no watch. I couldn’t decide if I really wanted to know or not but I paid attention when I passed the mile markers and was around a 7:30 mile. I was aiming to run about 8 min miles because I didn’t want to burn out. A couple miles later and I was climbing that gradual hill and kept telling myself to just keep at it and not get discouraged (thanks MP!) and it worked before I knew it I was at the turn around and was flying down the rest of the course. miles 6-8 had to of been my fastest.

Just after mile 8 there are some rolling hills but I just kept pushing because I was curious to see where I would finish. At mile 9 I started to feel a little sick 😦 usually I feel sick about .10 away from the finish line but this was a little early. By mile 9.5 I was dry heaving, gross I know. I skipped breakfast though so the only thing I could throw up was water. Only half a mile to go so I pushed it to finish hard and crossed the line at 1:16:31…and then proceeded to the nearest garbage can to blah!

Some hot ladies I ran into after the race.

                 DSCN1636   DSCN1637

Left Pic: MP and I looking extra cute in the post race cold and rain. Right Pic: Some so called “grumpy old muppets”. They don’t look so grumpy post race though. Must be the bling!

Official Race shirt and Finisher medal

I finished 5th in my age group out of 44 females. I am very happy with how my time was on this course. My 10 mile PR is actually on this course 1:15ish, however last year I ran a disappointing 1:25, eek! I love to run the 10 miler but my times have been all over the place. So I now that I think about it I am beyond happy with my time, especially when i thought I would run closer to 1:20.

Post-Post Race I stopped by my Mom’s to say hi but I was soaking wet from the race still so my awesome little sister got me a towel to dry off with. I realized I would be too cold unless I changed out of my wet clothes so I borrowed my 7 year old sisters shorts. Pictured below. I think they felt shorter than they really were.

Umm yeah

 There is a 5K in Kirtland at Penitentiary Glen at 6:30 tonight. It’s only $3 so you should head out there and do it. I probably won’t be there since I am still fighting an awesome death bug. But if you want to skip the race you can bring me chicken noodle soup, milkshakes and french fries and  I won’t complain. Hopefully, I will be ok to do a 5K this weekend.

4 thoughts on “The Perfect 10 Miler

  1. Sorry to hear you got sick during the race. :/ I normally feel like I’m going to die after this race, but that’s because it’s almost always a million degrees by the time you finish.

    Hooray for finishing faster than you thought you would and for pushing through to the end!

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