A Day With My Sister

Yesterday I had to get up and run before work so that I could spend time with my sister after work and get her ears pierced. Totally worth it.

Pre-pierced ears

I played a joke on my sister and told her I was getting my ears pierced again. I didn’t tell her she was getting her ears pierced until we were picking out earrings.

I thought she might be a little scared to get them pierced but not at all. Pure excitement.

                    DSCN1650 DSCN1651

I have never seen my sister sit so still for something. No tears or minor complaining. I think the sound of the gun scared her more than anything.

Pretty Pierced Ears!

I remember when I got my ears pierced. I was 4 and I only let my parents get my ears pierced because they said I could get a new doll. Of course I picked out Dolly Surprise, the doll with growing hair. Please tell me you remember this. She had a butterfly in her hair and you put her hand to the butterfly to make her hair grow and to make it go back you wound her arm in circles. Hahaha sounds weird now, but was cool then. Oh and I cried when I got my ears pierced.


 After getting Doodle Bug’s ears pierced we stopped at Red Robin for dinner and then….


Menchies for Dessert!


 It was my Sister’s first time at Menchies and she loved the self-serve. Her mix consisted of vanilla and snickerdoodle ice cream topped with white chocolate chips, sprinkles, something else chocolate, coconut, raspberries, hot fudge, caramel, and cherries (I might have missed 2-5 more toppings)

How old were you when you got your ears pierced?

8 thoughts on “A Day With My Sister

  1. Adorable! I got my ears pierced in 2nd grade. My 2 friends and I got to go as our First Communion presents (seriously). And I remember that doll! It seems freaky now, but I thought it was so cool at the time.

  2. I was in 5th grade and even then my mom was hesitant since I was terrified of needles (and I still am, hence only have one hole in each ear). I also remember putting bandaids over them during volleyball since we were technically not allowed to wear jewelry during games. Last game, and thankfully healed ears, the ref caught me and made me take them out. I so remember Dolly Surprise too. I had a cheerleader one and a swimming/beach one whose hair turned pink in the sun. To be young again…

  3. So cute!
    I think I was 12 or 13? My parents were so strict b/c then my sister got hers pierced when she was 8!!
    Stay away from my Lakewood Menchies…….. 🙂

  4. your lil sis is so cute! i was 13 — i had to stop biting my nails for 6 months before my mom would let me — unfortunately old habits break hard, and the day after i got my ears pierced, i chomped off all my pretty nails. #fail

  5. I remember Dolly Surprise! I had one too! The coolest thing ever (for its day)!

    I got my ears piereced (the first time) when I was in second grade. Then when I was in college, I decided I wanted my ears pierced again. So my aunt treated me to the double piercing. And not too long after that, I had my ears pierced AGAIN! Yes, I do rock the triple piercing in each lobe. But after that I called it quits with the piercing gun. No need for any more holes in my head!

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