Buckeye Half Marathon

Sunday I participated in the Buckeye Half Marathon, again. I ran this same race last year and did do so hot so of course I wanted my revenge. However, when I ran it in 2010 it was 90 degrees and humid, it was the first time I had run the course and was surprised at some of the hills and they ran out of cups so I was getting really dehydrated because I couldn’t take in enough water. Sunday morning it was a comfortable 70 degrees so I was confident that I would run well……

Not sure why but I got really nervous before the start. So nervous I thought I was going to be sick. Being nervous, excited or nervcited is completely normal to me but to actually feel sick to my stomach was a little weird. However, as soon as the race started I was fine.

The course is a double loop which can be a good or bad thing. I usually like it because I know what to expect. I ran the first 2 miles around a 7:30 pace and by the end of the first loop I was at an 8 mile pace, which I was totally fine with.

Lap 1

 However, lap 2 got the best of me and my pace just kept getting slower and slower. Before I knew it I was struggling to keep on to an 8:30 mile. Luckily, the miles seemed to be going by pretty fast for me and before I knew it I was coming up on mile 12, only 1 more mile to go and normally I would be like “piece of cake” or “I got this”. Instead, I just wanted to sit down and rest. Of course that did not happen because two good friends, Frank and Ryan (aka beasts that finished in 1:26:47 and 1:27:39) spotted me and paced me into the finish. Thanks guys.

Oh and we got stopped by a train just before the finish. If I had been running a good race I would have been upset but considering I was way off running a good race I tried not to let it bother me so much.

Closing in on the finish line

 My Garmin says I finished around 1:51 but the official time with the train stop says 1:53:20 but still 5th in my age group. Normally, I would be pretty down about that time but I looked over the times and it seems everyone ran a slower race than expected, except for Paul who completely killed his goal time.

Ryan, Beal, Angie and Moja

After the race I hung out with some #DirtyRunners before heading out to get a couple more miles in to make it a 20 miler. Althought I think I only did 19.5, close enough but still not quite 20.

Gangsta Runners-Justin, Ryan, Vic, Steph, Moja, Beal and Angie

Every year for this race instead of a shirt you get a sweatshirt. It is honestly a really good quality sweatshirt and I would run this race just for the sweatshirt. Last year’s sweatshirt was a bright yellow color and as you can see below this years shirt is  brown so I can’t wait to wear it for browns games!

Throw your hands in the air if you a true player-Biggie (I think)

10 thoughts on “Buckeye Half Marathon

  1. I’m glad you didn’t let the train incident ruin your race, I can only imagine how frustrating that must have been. Well done! Love that you get sweatshirts!!!! I did a race in January that gave out sweatshirts and it’s my favorite race swag now that I live in Michigan! 🙂

  2. Stopped by a train?! This is going to be my first half… The weather for next week looks a little sketchy and I have a strained soleus, SO I am totally not really looking forward to it! I’ll be the girl hobbling/crawling to the finish.

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