NorthCoast Challenge 5 Miler

Before I give my usual rambling recap, let’s rewind to this same race in 2010. It took place in the first weekend of September and was cold and rainy. I remember wearing long sleeves to the race and after the race putting on layers to keep warm.

Ok back to 2011, I registered for the race and expected the same conditions, maybe not rain but at least something cooler. However on race day it was predicted to be a high of 90 and was at 88% humidity before the race even started.

Pre Race Picture

So I prior to the race I set out for a 2 mile warm up which somehow ended up being almost a 3 mile warm up, oops. And after saying hi to a slew of other runners that were there I headed over and lined up with the 4:40 mile pace group. Ahhhhhh just kidding, wanted to make sure you were paying attention. I actually lined up with the 7 minute milers.

Just before the race started I got super nervous again. Why does this keep happening to me? Anyways the gun went off and off I went. I tried my hardest not to go out too fast but my first mile was def under 7 mins, oops again.

After that my watch went a little crazy or I wasn’t paying attention and accidentally hit a button and the next thing I knew I looked at my watch and no pace, no time, nothing. (insert mini freak out because I love my Garmy!)

So not knowing my pace but just knowing it was super hot outside I just tried to keep up my pace as good as I could. The rest of the race was pretty much a blur or I was delusion but before I knew it I was at mile 4 and the clock there said 30 mins so I knew that I would finish in under 40 mins (which was my unofficial goal).

As I neared the finish line I had nothing left, no sprinting at the end for me but I still finished with a time of 38:33 which was good enough for 2nd in my age group!!!!! Super pumped because last year I wasn’t even close to placing and there are usually a ton of super fast runners there.

Excited with my race bling!

After the race I went and “cooled down” by running an additional 4 miles. I know at least 3 people commented on why I was still running. Hello, I am a crazy runner person, duh

And if you think I was kidding about the 4:40 mile pace group. The top 3 guys ran paces of 4:42, 4:44 and 4:48. They must have literally been flying….I was practically right behind them…almost.

Race Shirt…Just a little big

Ok the picture doesn’t do it justice but it is a small but is hanging on me.

P.S. If you get a chance or you really like me (admit it, you do) and want to make me happy go over to this link and (sign into facebook) click “Like”, then on the left hand side click Contest Voting, Vote Now, then you may have to wait a minute or 2 for everything to load but scroll down til you see my name Jessica B.-Rocky River OH, click vote and you will have to enter your email address and then you help me get closer to a much needed living room makeover!

P.S.S. Free Hugs to everyone who votes! No wimpy hugs either!

Next race is the Oktoberfest 5K on Monday!!!

8 thoughts on “NorthCoast Challenge 5 Miler

  1. Seeing times of 4:42 and 4:44 blow my mind.. I can’t even mentally think through running a mile that quickly 😉

    Nice job placing! It was an awful day for weather, I wouldn’t have even bothered, so you continue to live up to your ‘crazy runner’ name!

    PS – I voted 🙂

  2. Thank you Jess! OK so I just went into running mode and was like “We should race this weekend!” Started Googling. Came across this race. Immediately went to your blog with the intention of finding out the sizing situation. I love how you almost always mention that! So I was able to order myself a XS on the shirt! And seeing your pic I also know it’s a moisture wick — making it worth the $20 to me. 🙂

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