Oktoberfest 5K

Well I knew this was not going to be a PR course but I really thought I was capable of running somewhere in the 21’s. My legs however, had other plans and just didn’t want to run a fast pace. Probably because I raced hard on Saturday and instead of taking a rest day on Sunday I went out for a hard and fast run. So come Monday I guess my legs didn’t have much.

It was much much cooler on Monday so I did a 3 mile warm up to really get my legs ready. When the race started I was just a little bit faster than my pace, perfectly normal for me for the first mile, however, the second and third miles were a lot slower. I tried to pick it up but they just didn’t want to run fast 😦 Silly legs trying to make their own decisions.

So I ended up coming in at 23:06 a 7:27 pace. I am trying not to be too disappointed in my time especially since I was 3rd in my age group and got an awesome beer stein!


There are a lot of really cool things about this race, the shirts are usually pretty awesome (sorry forgot to take a pic), it is an 11am start time (hello sleeping in) and you get into the Oktoberfest for FREE after the race (saves money=more money for beer!)

Sand Sculptures

The Oktoberfest has a lot of really cool things besides beer… I swear. Sand Sculptures, Good Food, Weiner dog races (so freaking cute I want one), tons of live entertainment and polka dancing!

No Losers, Only Weiners

Of course I will be back next year to get my revenge on this course and to hang out at the Oktoberfest…even if it is freezing cold like it was this year!

You are not hallucinating

I never considered this part of town the “country” but I did see a man riding his horse down the sidewalks.

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P.S.S. Free Hugs to everyone who votes!

Next Race is this Sunday, The RIVER RUN!!!

4 thoughts on “Oktoberfest 5K

  1. That beer stein is suuuweet! I love when races give out awards that can actually be used instead of just a trophy or plaque! Evening races always rock my world, it just throws me completely off my game. You did great chica! Do you find it more and more challenging to run faster 5K’s the longer you are a marathoner? I am starting to really feel that way, especially during my speed workouts. Maybe I’m just getting old 😉

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