River Run 1/2 Marathon

I told myself I would not be disappointed with this race and there would only be a positive outcome, I even picked a reasonable finish time goal. Somehow that didn’t happen and although I am disappointed, I am being surprisingly positive and using it as a learning experience. Apparently after running multiple marathons, 1/2 marathons and any other race I can get my hands on, I am still learning.

Let’s start with the list of things that went wrong before the race:

  • I went swimming and played football the day before and probably should have rested.
  • I ate a bagel Saturday morning and then forgot/too busy to eat again until 7pm.
  • I got almost no sleep on Saturday night. Ok, maybe 2 hours.
  • I wasn’t hungry when I woke up Sunday morning so I didn’t eat breakfast (dummy)
  • I took the bus to the start but it took forever and I had to pee. I got to the start 20 mins before the race start so I was stressed.
  • Instead of warming up I had to stand in line to pee. (still perfecting that whole pee in the woods thing)
  • I was nervous for no reason.

The race started and all I kept saying in my head was “don’t go out too fast, don’t go out too fast”. I still went out too fast but only for the first mile (7:10), I slowed it down after that and kept it that way for the next 7 miles. After 7 miles I started to realize my legs were a little more tired than normal but ignored it and took water, Gatorade or both at the water stops. There is a slight hill…ok its a hill at mile 9 but I have ran up it a 1000 times so I didn’t think  it would be much of a problem. It was and slowed my pace down a lot but I kept going. By mile 10 I knew I was not going to finish in my goal time but was close so I kept pushing. The next 2 miles flew by and the finish line was getting close. As I rounded the corner, I passed the 13 mile mark, only .10 more to go, I could see the clock……. and then I started puking 😦 Didn’t expect it at all. Luckily it was just water and Gatorade (sorry TMI) but it sidelined me for what felt like 10 mins. In my head I was so disappointed, so close to the finish line. In reality it was probably only 3 mins, nonetheless, it was not fun.

Official Finish time: 1:51:25 an 8:30 pace.

    Post Puke   Finish1

Can you see the “gross I just puked all over the place” look on my face and the “so disappointed, who pukes that close to the finish line”?

It was probably a good thing I puked before the finish line because it was crowded at the finish and I probably would have yacked on someones toes.

Finishers Medal

Look at all these sweaty dirty runners pictured below. All finishers, All ballers. FTW

Riverrungroup2   River Run Group

What went right with this race:

  • I met some awesome new runners (runners are the nicest people ever…endorphines help).
  • My old runner friends are awesome too. Love you all!
  • I didn’t take my camera and still managed to get some awesome pictures thanks to Jay and Hermes.
  • I puked and you can’t even tell in the pictures!
  • I got my throw away shirt back after the race, even though I left it at the start. It was one of my favorites. (Thanks Jeff)
  • I held the pace I wanted for a solid 7 miles
  • “Ladies Choice” by Zac Efron from Hairspray is an awesome song to run to, especially followed by Black Eyed Peas “Pump It”. Don’t judge, my music selection is sweet…I swear.
  • I puked and rallied? finished the race and then ran back to my car. (but wasn’t feeling up to running the 20 miles I had planned)
  • I finished! And really that is all that should matter.

Next race is the Sandy Ridge Half Marathon this Sunday. I wasn’t planning on running it but I really need to get in a good half marathon and a 20 miler so this fits perfectly with my upcoming marathons. What doesn’t fit perfectly is the wedding I have to attend the night before and my little sister’s birthday party Sunday afternoon but I will deal.

12 thoughts on “River Run 1/2 Marathon

  1. Sorry to hear about your rough time. Now I know to overprepare like crazy for my first half marathon on October 9th. Doing the towpath half. The peeing thing is a big one for me. I seemingly have to pee 10 times before every race, probably because of nerves.

  2. Give yourself some more credit! With ALL of those factors taken into consideration…that’s still a great finish time! Especially for running with virtually NO fuel! We all make mistakes…they just teach us or serve as reminders “what not to forget” for next time!

    ps: great photos! you look great!

    I think you’ll crush your upcoming half! best of luck this weekend!

  3. You are a rockstar based soley on the puke and rally! Keep your head up, we all go through ups and downs and I guarantee you are going to have the results you were hoping for this weekend! Take care of yourself and eat some food girly! 🙂

  4. Would have never known you puked unless you told me post race. Not typically what I think of when I think of puke and rally, but much cooler than the standard version!

  5. GOSH, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one sick at the finish!! hahahaaaa! Congrats on pushing through it, and good luck at your 1/2 this weekend! (PS I almost peed myself on the bus to the startline last year, LOL, and it totally flustered me getting there so late so I know your pain!)

  6. This race has been on my must do list for years. I know this one will be my all time PR race when I do it 🙂

    What do I get from this post? Another person/runner with high standards of themself and can’t handle not hitting the goal they set out to achieve?!?! I get it. Guilty as well.

    For every race I “race” I set 2 goals, a goal I know I have to work to get, and a goal that if I have a perfect race and blow up on the course (meaning, leaving it all out there and have nothing left in the tank), I should attain it. I still get pissed to this day when I don’t achieve both goals at every race haha.

    Great job though. I look at things this way, you have to have fun outside of running too. Sometimes a not perfect race is the result of having a great week. Glad you had a great week and still finished strong!

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