Doodle Bug is A Big Girl Now

Shame on you if any of you thought the title of this post was about me. Do I look like a “doodle bug” to you and pretty sure I already am a big girl….almost

Doodle Bug is of course the best little sister in the world, who also goes by the name Dida or Lisa Anna Bridgeda or just Lisa is fine too. And today she turned 8!!! Why is she getting so big? Can we go back to when she was this big?

                 DSC00361  DSC00382

Copy (2) of DSC01097DSC00769DSC00979

Aww, she was sooooo cute! ok still is.

DSC00995 DSC01522DSCN1865

Throughout the past 8 years I have we done the normal sister stuff even though we are 20 years apart….my mom is crazy…or was smart enough to plan it so she would always have a babysitter. But I always wanted a baby sister so she was def worth the wait!

                      DSCN1654    DSCN1378

Happy 8th Birthday Doodle Bug!!! Now please stop growing, you are almost taller than me!

P.S. I am exhausted from chaperoning her birthday party at the movie theater that is why this post is so short…your welcome

3 thoughts on “Doodle Bug is A Big Girl Now

  1. Happy birthday to your sis! I love that you guys have such a great relationship even though you’re so far apart in age. She will love having you to come to for advice when she gets a little older. 🙂

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