Nature’s Bin 5K

Last time I ran this race was in 2009 just after my first marathon (Akron) and why I decided to run a 5K a week after my marathon I will never know but I have continued to do crazy things like that ever since. However, ran I ran this race in 2009 it became my PR and I have yet to beat that PR.

Nature’s Bin course is one of my favorites in Lakewood, it goes down the main street but also sneaks down a couple side streets where all the nice house are. It is an extremely flat course and perfect for PR’s

Love Long Sleeve Shirts

If you remember the weather from Saturday, you should remember the rain and wind and probably me complaining on twitter. I do not mind running in the rain when it is warm out but it was pretty chilly for me on Saturday. Luckily during the warm up it didn’t rain too much so I was able to stay fairly dry before the start.

My favorite pacer, Ryan, showed up to get me through this race without going out too fast and without dying at the end (I may have bribed him with bagels). My goal all summer has been to run around 7 min miles and every race I go out and my first mile is 6:30 and then I slowly die throughout the race and have nothing at the end.

Luckily, for this race Ryan had me right at 7:01 for the first mile, woot woot, and I actually felt pretty good so we held that pace for the second mile. The third mile is always the hardest but Ryan was able to get me to keep the pace for most of the mile and only slowed down a little bit but ended up being 7:15.

I crossed the finish line at 21:48, average pace of 7:02 and 2nd in my age group! Very happy with this race and the time that I ran. Finally feeling like I am getting my speed back so I am looking forward to some good race times! Also ran a couple miles after to cool down Warm up=2.25, race=3.10, cool down=3.31. Total=8.66

Yeah I need to work on my camera skills

Next up: The Towpath Marathon!!!!!!

P.S. Having a pacer is awesome. Thanks Ryan

5 thoughts on “Nature’s Bin 5K

  1. Nice Job!! I love long sleeves, and technical is even better. I have way too many of those cotton race T-shirts. I might have said this already so bare with me – on the photos it’s all about natural light. Just take the picture of the object near a window when it’s light out. You shouldn’t even have to use flash.

    End of tirade. LOL.

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