Towpath Marathon

Marathon morning started out like all other marathon mornings. I got up got dress, ate a powerbar, drank some Gatorade and water and was ready a whole 25 mins before my ride was to pick me up. I put my garmin on and checked the time and immediately noticed something was wrong. It was FROZEN! The clock had stopped and I didn’t have 25 mins, I had 2! So I tried not to freak out (but I did) and plugged it back in and nothing. So I plugged it into the computer and nothing. For 10 mins I kept plugging it into the wall and then into the computer and back and forth until I decided to google what to do. I ended up just holding down buttons and it finally beeped and came back to life. Of all races to not have a garmin the marathon is not one of them!

                   DSCN1816         DSCN1822

The start of the race was a little chillier than I would like but always better for it to be cold at the start than warm. Plus I finally got to take a picture with some of my fellow marathon maniacs!

Marathon Maniacs!

 The gun went off a few minutes after our group photo and we were off. Usually during a marathon I stick to a pace group and don’t usually go out too fast. Well no pace groups at this race so of course my first mile was at 8:04, tried to slow down for the second mile 8:04, shoot try again, third mile 8:09 ok finally slowing down and then whoops miles 4-12 at 7:50.

Love running over bridges!

 I finally slowed down at the halfway point and started hitting consistent 8:10 pace but by mile 15 I slowed down to 8:30 and slowly started loosing steam. That’s what you get for going out too fast but to be honest I am ok with that. I ran hard for a solid 15 miles and I know with more training I will be able to keep that pace for more than 15 miles.

Lucky for me I had someone to jump in and pace me for a few miles. Makes the time fly by when you are running with friends.


 At around mile 24 I really started to feel the heat. Most of the trail is shaded so it keeps it cool but by mile 24 it was hot. I guess you should probably feel at least a little warm at this point.

Run for the PUMPKINS!

 In the home stretch of the race I could hear WhyCLE yelling my name and cheering me on to the finish. It was just what I needed to get that final push to finish hard.


 Official finish time 4:00:49. Oh so close to sub 4. I really thought that I would have ran closer to 3:40 but those miles where I went too fast must have really got me in the end.

                            Dirty Runners        DSCN1817

Post race I got to hang out with some awesome runners!

But more importantly, I got to hang out with HungryInCle after she completed her first marathon!

Who looks this happy at mile 26

And Yes I am still running the Detroit Marathon on Sunday! Legs feel incredibly good and ready to rock another 26.2!


14 thoughts on “Towpath Marathon

  1. Great job Jess! I was so glad you were there on Sunday too 🙂 Seeing you after the turn arounds definitely helped me go on 🙂 And of course, the Lizard afterwards was a good time!! 🙂 Good luck in the Dirty D this weekend!

  2. You really are a rockstar! I feel like everytime I see your blog you are running another race! Congrats girl! Have a great race in Detroit this weekend!!!

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