Detroit Marathon Race Photos

If I had a little patience I could have waited for these photos and then worked them into my Detroit Marathon Recap. Instead, I will entertain you with pictures of myself. Enjoy!

Pretty sure that this is my death face. I swear I love running. I would like to pretend that I didn’t see the camera man but pretty sure I am looking dead at him in this photo. P.S. get out of my picture creepy beard dude.

The Death Face

 While this picture is not much better but at least it is zoomed out. I would say I look less like death and more like in the zone!

Less Death Face

Finally after many miles I am smiling. Probably just needed to get warmed up but I got the hang of it. 


And again? I am getting good at this smile while running they are taking my picture thing.

More Smiles

 In most of my finish line photos there are at least 3 people blocking most of me. Sorry but I am not a fan of strangers in my finisher pictures so I was extremely happy that there was a pictures of me not being blocked.

Crossing the finish line

Usually I skip the photos at the end because I am more concerned with finding chocolate milk, warm clothes and concerned that I look like a train wreck so not sure what I was thinking getting a post marathon photo but it actually didn’t turn out that bad.

Detroit Marathon FINISHER!!!

Please tell me I am the only one who looks like death in race photos. Also there are at least 7 more death photos, in each on I equally look like I am dying.

And if you don’t know already, I’m a Chocolate Milk Refuel grant finalist! Vote for my Refuel Grant application so that I can join Team Refuel and win a Refuel grant to help me pursue my athletic goals. Vote for Jessica Bagwell on this page: http://www.refuelwithchocolatemilk.com/grants/vote/

6 thoughts on “Detroit Marathon Race Photos

  1. Trust me, you look much better than anything I’ve mustered up for a race photo! I usually look spaced out (true to form) and there is always ALWAYS some weird dude messing up the photo even more. You’re not alone!

    Check out my blog if you like and have a minute; it’s new and about running and hopefully funny and I’m looking for feedback. Thanks!


  2. What kind of shoes do you run in? Nike Free? (I can’t tell for sure in the pic.) Do you train and race in them?

    Curious because you run a lot of miles and I have never heard you mention your thoughts on running shoes/what works for you. I always wonder how much shoes help vs. just putting the miles in and getting stronger.

  3. I usually look like death in my race pictures but I have to say I love the ones from the Columbus Marathon this past Sunday. Funny thing is I did a blog with my race photos today as well!

  4. Hahah! Girl your pictures are great! …I just saw mine from PDX marathon… I look, pale, cold, wet & pissed. hahaha. Which is funny because I’m pretty sure I was smiling the whole time? Luke says, people with pretty race photos don’t run hard enough. Oh && voted for ya!

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