Wedding Palooza Part 5

I just had to double check but yes this is the 5th and final part of Wedding Palooza 2011. I am pretty sure this wedding was the last of my friends to get married. And I have yet to be invited to a wedding for 2012. Is it possible that 2012 will be Wedding Palooza-less?

Congrats to two of my closest friends Jackie and Jeremy who tied the knot last Saturday. Jackie is a close friend of mine from college and I have been so happy that she found someone so awesome to spend the rest of her life with!

The Happy Couple

Jackie was that one friend who has been in a ton of wedding so I knew her big day would be nothing short of perfect/amazing/I hope I can hire her to do my wedding one day.

DSCN1858 venuePiebar

Besides having an absolute perfect venue for the wedding, there was also a pie bar (apple, cherry and pumpkin), a popcorn bar (pretty sure she was thinking of me when she did this) and a photo booth.

The Gals

 The college gang was back together for one more wedding.

DSCN1862 DSCN1868 DSCN1870

And like always the antics were through the roof. You cannot take us anywhere, we are an embarrassing bunch. Completely inappropriate at all times.


Congratulations to Jackie and Jeremy, sorry we are all still highly inappropriate 😉

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