Skeleton Run 5K

So on your Birthday weekend run back to back races? Umm yep! I used to run back to back 5K’s a couple years ago and have slacked a little bit but last weekend I decided to bring it back.

The thought of running a PR may have slightly crossed my mind. Realistically I knew that probably wouldn’t happen but would be awesome to have 2 PR’s in one weekend.

Love this race shirt!

 It was yet another cold race so after a 2 mile warm up I was still cold, I am going to guess it was maybe in the low 40s. This race is part of the Hermes Road Race Series so it always draws a large crowd so it was a tiny bit cramped at the start line.

I may or may not have started out a little fast for this race but didn’t die out like I normally do. I settled into a more comfortable pace and held on. I mean it’s only 3 miles, so I could survive for the next 20 or so minutes.

The last time I ran this race was in 2007, I think, so I forgot about the course. I also am pretty sure the last time I ran this race was after a night of drinking :/  I like to pretend that the area is mostly flat but there were a couple rolling hills thrown in there.

Not really sure what my mile splits were but I sprinted as best I could once we reached the track (you run about 300 meters on the track) and crossed the line at 21:59 a 7:05 pace. My 5 mile pace the day before was 7:10, pretty close to that.

My time was good enough for first in my age group! I was actually pretty shocked at this because there is a lot of really good runners at this race. I was probably lucky that none of them were in my age group.

Age Group Winner!

 I’ve only got a couple races left in the year, the end of racing season makes me so sad. What are your next races? I know a bunch of people are running NYC this weekend!

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