Training Weeks 11 and 12

Training Week 11 was pretty weak and a recovery week so I didn’t really find it worth while of its own post so here it is now.

Monday:  Football
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 3 Miles
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 5 Miles
Sunday: 5 Miles

Total Mileage: 13

Training week 12 was much more closer to my normal mileage 🙂

Monday:  5.15 miles and Football
Tuesday: 5 Miles
Wednesday: Speedwork, 3-1 miles @ 7:05, 6:58 and 6:58, 2-800s @ 3:27 and 3:35
Thursday: 6 Miles
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 2 Mile warm up. 5 Mile PR race :), 4 Mile cooldown=11 Total
Sunday: 2 Mile warm up, 3.1 mile race, 4 mile cooldown= 9 Total

Total Mileage: 41

Is there a race this weekend? You better believe there is! Inland Trail Half Marathon! It is not a trail race, just has trail in the name….or at least that is what I think…..

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