Bench Bar Run For Justice 5 Mile: Birthday PR

Who signs up to run a race on their Birthday? This girl. To be honest when I saw my Birthday was on a Saturday this year I searched for a marathon to run on that day. That fell through so I signed up for the Run For Justice (although I swear it used to be called the Bench Bar Classic or something).

There is a 5 mile and a 5K for this race and if you know anything about me I have the hardest time signing up for a short distance when there is a longer one I can go instead.

My least favorite color race shirt

It is almost always cold for this race, duh end of October but the course is close to the lake so you get wind as well. I found it really hard to not overdress for this race but did my best with capri tights, a wicking top, another wicking top, and gloves. After a 2 mile warm up I was ready to go.

My goal for this race was not to PR, I thought I might come close to it but was looking to run close to 37 minutes. The course can be tough since it goes down and around the Browns Stadium….twice.

First mile was really hard because the 5K and 5 mile start at the same time so I had no idea how my pace was (yes, I could look at my watch but I try not to until the mile markers). First mile ended up being 6:50, awesome, except there is no way I can hold that pace for 5 miles…yet 😉 I tried to ease up after that because I didn’t want to kill my legs and I stopped looking at my watch because I didn’t want to know my pace and wanted to run by feel. I could see there were a few girls in front of me but didn’t know if they were in the 5K or 5 mile.

At the 5K turn around all the girls in front of me turned and I was in the lead for the 5 mile. WHAT!?!?!? That’s crazy talk. I wanted to look at my watch really bad but I didn’t, I knew I was tired and no matter what pace my watch said I couldn’t keep that up. Just before the turn around for the 5 Mile 2 girls caught up to me and I did my best to keep pace with them. Didn’t last long but was still fun. I decided no one else could pass me though. I kept pushing my pace, even while coming up the last hill (I wanted to die on that hill, it was killer). Before I knew it I was on the home stretch, I glanced at my watch and I was close to a PR.

I crossed the finish line and was the 3rd overall female with a time of 35:51 a 7:10 pace. I was pretty sure that was a PR but I didn’t know off the top of my head. After looking it up, it was a PR by 37 seconds. Nothing beats a Birthday PR like blowing it completely out of the water!

Age Group Winnah!

Oh and I got first in my age group. Not a bad way to start out my Birthday. Although I may have celebrated and bought myself new shoes.

Birthday Shoes

Have you ever run a race on your Birthday? or have any Birthday traditions?

8 thoughts on “Bench Bar Run For Justice 5 Mile: Birthday PR

  1. I ran a 12K on my birthday last year and this year being it was on a Sunday I ran a 5K the day before.

    Great job on your PR and placing. Nicely done! I’m glad you told us this race is around Browns stadium. Not sure I could handle the wind!

  2. Congrats on the PR!!! The most excellent race 10k has been on my birthday weekend the last two years. I did it last year, but not this past year. There was something about running a 10k on my 25th birthday that didn’t seem like the best idea 😉

  3. Wow – great race! And, you’re right, this used to be called the Bench Bar 5 Miler – my friend and I raced it 2 years in a row awhile back.
    We both know I’m running a race on my birthday. 🙂

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