Inland Trail Half Marathon

Signing up to do half marathons is not always the easiest thing to do since it is always freezing cold and I can never decide what to wear. How I managed to wear anything other than 5 layers of sweat clothes is beyond me. I miraculously ended up in my normal capris, 2 long sleeve shirts and gloves. I did bring an old ugly purple shirt that I was just dying to get rid of and used that as a throw away and to warm up in. 

Race Shirts

For such a small race I was pretty happy with the race shirts. Curious as to what last years shirts looked like. They are not tech shirts but it is a really small race.

The Inland Trail Race has a Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K. The Marathon starts and ends at the same place, the half marathon they bus us out to Kipton (middle of nowhere, I mean nowhere!) and we run back to the finish. Worst part about getting bused out to the middle of nowhere was that it was cold and no place to keep warm. The bus dropped us off with 15 mins to spare before the start so only left time for a 1 mile warm up……or so I thought. At 8am…race start time, there were a total of 5 people at the starting line. Not sure what the hold up was but didn’t end up starting until after 8:20 so my warm up probably did nothing for me since I was freezing at the starting line for 20 plus minutes.

The gun went off…finally and I took off, first mile was 7:14, ooops. But after the first mile you pretty much start on the trail and take that the whole way back so I was able to get myself to slow down a bit. Minus the water stops, you do not see anyone on the trails, there were almost no spectators. So did I run with music, nope, might have helped a little bit though, I definitely started to struggle around mile 7.

The course is flat for the most part. There is a small rolling hill in the first mile and in the last maybe half mile and other than that it is smooth sailing. 

Inland_Jessica1 Inland_Jessica3 Inland_Jessica4

I was kinda hoping I would come close to my PR but legs were just too tired. I ended up running 1:46:16 (unofficial time race results are not up yet). Was 2nd in my age group and somewhere in the top 10 females.

Huge shout out to Anna who came to see me finish and snapped some awesome photos. Anna-Feel free to stalk me and take pictures where ever I go because these are so crisp and clear, I love them! She also stayed and volunteered for a couple hours for the marathoners who were still finishing.

Next race is another half marathon, the Fall Classic, another flat course so I can’t wait, maybe there is a PR waiting for me there!

Question: Would you rather run a flat course with no spectators or a hilly course with tons of spectators?

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5 thoughts on “Inland Trail Half Marathon

  1. The shirt doesn’t look half bad!

    I hate it when a race has some kind of flub at the start. When it’s cold out — especially bad.

    I have only run a few races that had a lot of spectators so I guess I am more used to no one being there!

  2. I really like that shirt! Its pretty sweet for such a small race! Hopefully next year I can run the half! 🙂

    I’d rather have a course that had some hills with more spectators than a completely flat course, no spectators and nothing to look at. I definitely would need to pump some music hardcore during that kind of course!

    Now I understand why all the marathoners seemed happy, relieved and appreciative of me being at my post when they crossed my path. I definitely have a new respect for race course volunteers being a runner. Seeing a smiling face and hearing words of encouragement is always appreciated, especially near the end of a long race. Plus, my legs were starting to hurt for standing around for almost 4 hours.

  3. Love that race shirt! It’s way sweeter than the shirt I scored a few years back when I did this race! I ran one of this race company’s halves this summer and it started later than it should have, I was BEYOND annoyed, it was SO hot that day and there were a ton of bugs swarming us. Yuck! Your finish photos are suuuhweet! Congrats on the great finish too! 🙂

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