14 thoughts on “Where’s Moja?

  1. I first saw it on the CLE marathon website a few weeks ago. If it’s been in the blogosphere before that I must have had a blonde moment because I don’t remember!

    I am curious how they go about using your photo. Like did they tell you? Or you just saw it one day? Plus you should be getting royalties on all those reprints. 😉

    1. Ooo I haven’t seen myself on the website yet, I will keep an eye out for that one.
      They told me about it ahead of time and told me which expos I would be at and that I would be in the Running Times.

  2. I finally understand why I’ve seen hashtags mentioning logo! I never put two and two together. I can’t blame you for buying multiple copies of Running Times. That is just too cool!

  3. oK, i haven’t seen TheLogo in real life yet!! Only on various people’s blogs! I wonder if I have that issue of Running Times yet…is it weird if I make Brandon laminate you???

  4. With two of my running buddies in the November Running Times (You and Barb Broad) that issue is a keeper! The same photo is also in the 2011 results book. See you at the half on Sunday — Joe

  5. Yes! I saw it at both the Chicago and Columbus Marathons and thought hey I read her blog. Never dawned on me to take a picture…silly me…wish I had!!

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