Fall Classic Half Marathon and the Almost PR

Gearing up for a November half marathon I expect frigid cold temperatures so I had planned on tights, long sleeve shirts, gloves, hats etc. So imagine my confusion when I when I woke up to 60 degree temps on Sunday morning.

Don't confuse the blonde

After checking the temperature on my phone, the TV and twitter, I opened the window and yep, felt like 60 degrees out. So I immediately changed into shorts and a t shirt and prayed that I wasn’t having a really bad blonde moment and misreading every temperature I found.

Perfect fall shirt for a fall race

Before I get to the actual race part I want to share a little secret of mine. The past couple races I have deviated from my normal pre-race meal of a powerbar and water/gatorade and have switched to half a powerbar, a handful or Mesquite BBQ chips, water and gatorade. I know this seems really weird but judging by my times lately I can’t really complain.

Secret Weapon

My goal was to run anything under 1:45. The last couple races I ran 1:46 and was happy with that time but knew I was slacking by the time mile 8 came around and I was going out way fast. My first mile was usually 7:14. This race was no different and my first mile was dead on 7:14, what is wrong with me. Looking at my splits for the race my miles went from 7:05 to 8:15. Not sure what I was doing….except running like a crazy person. After running 12 or so half marathons you think I would have figured this stuff out.

The course is a double loop and while normally that would be kinda boring it really wasn’t because I saw so many people that I knew running on the course (Jeffrey, Ryan, J, Kali, Allison, Holly, Joe, Cheryl, Krista, hope I didn’t forget anyone).  I also saw so many “run Cheerleaders”, thanks for coming out Kimi, Sarah, Chelsea, Heather and Christie! Heather and Christie are ballers and ran the 5K and stayed around to cheer.

I think the reason that I ran so well, minus the Mesquite BBQ chips, was that I was constantly being encouraged and cheered for the entire race.

Also, this guy in the green shirt (pictured below) pushed me the last couple of miles. I am a stalker and looked him up because I knew he had to be in high school still….and probably though the same about me but he was an awesome runner. There were a couple times I was tempted to slow down my pace but every time I did he pushed the pace and I caught back up. Dear kid in green shirt, I hope to see you again at another race so you can help me PR, Ok, thanks!

That's me in the middle, in case you forgot what I look like or something

I was amazed at how well I ran this half and at how fresh my legs felt even at mile 12 I was able to push the pace for the last mile. Until about mile 12.5 I got that same “OMG I am going to puke” feeling. It was the same feeling from the River Run Half Marathon. I knew if I pushed my pace any harder I would have to stop and puke (and would lose time). So  at 12.85 I slowed down and hoped that that would be enough to hold me to the finish, but at mile 13 I decided “screw this” and sprinted to the finish, grabbed my medal and puked. Must have been pushing myself harder than I thought. At least this time I puked at the finish and not at mile 13.

Hello shiney new medal

 Official finish time was 1:43:33 a 7:54 pace and 3rd in my age group!!!!!! Next race up is the Turkey Trot 5 Miler (I kinda maybe am gunning for a PR….even though I just PRed in the 5 mile a couple weeks ago)

Who else is running a Turkey Trot this year? Does anyone else eat anything weird on race day or prior to race day?

7 thoughts on “Fall Classic Half Marathon and the Almost PR

  1. Great job on your age group placing!

    I had the same weather issues so you are not alone and if it helps I erred on the wrong side of overdressing! Puking, not so much fun. I haven’t had that happen at a race but I’ve come close. Blech.

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