Turkey Trot

Almost a month ago I ran an awesome 5 Mile race on a hilly course and PR’d…oh and it was on my Birthday :).  So for the Turkey Trot this year I decided to go after another PR since the course is an easier. It would seem simple to PR on an easier course, except for the fact that I just raced a 1/2 marathon just days before, oops. These things always sound easier in my head.

Turkey Trot Shirts

It was colder than I would have liked for a race but I have to expect colder weather now that it is the end of November. Goodbye shorts and hello tights…or capris ;).

The Turkey Trot race brings out thousands of runners every year, which I think is incredible for so many to come out and run on a holiday. Many runners bring their whole family out. Which makes for a very crazy start to the race. This year I made sure I was close to the front so that I didn’t have to zig zag through the crowd to be able to run my pace.

My goal was to run 7 min miles….any guesses for the first mile??? If you guessed 6:30, you are right. I curse myself for going out too fast but I did settle into my 7 min pace for the next mile and a half. After 2 miles, my legs were done. They just didn’t have anything left and I could still feel the effects of the half marathon on them (and the fact that I didn’t give them any rest that week). I held on to my pace…until I had to come up the hill from the Browns Stadium and then had to go up the hill from the Rock Hall to E.9th. Before I knew it I was onto mile 4 though and would come incredibly close to my PR if I could pick up the pace. I kept pushing myself but couldn’t quite get to that PR pace. Official finish time was 36:19, 7:16 pace, about 27 secs off my PR and 17/641 in my age group.

Extremely happy with my time, legs were tired but I still pushed them to run a good race…..and to maybe run a few miles after the race too  😉

So nice to see everyone out at the Turkey Trot and if I didn’t see you I blame the crowds and my height. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

What was your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Mine is canned cranberries, don’t laugh.

Next race: VEGAS MARATHON!!!!!!!!

9 thoughts on “Turkey Trot

  1. I’m sad I can’t ever run this race since we’re never in town. Maybe one day….
    My favorite is my mother-in-law’s stuffing and I make a mean sweet potato casserole! 🙂

  2. Nice race! OMG I thought mommaberries was the only one who loved the canned cranberries. I can’t get over that they take the actual shape of the can, it kind of creeps me out! 🙂 My favorite food at Thanksgiving this year was the vegan-friendly stuffing my sister made, YUM!

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