Breaking All My Pre-Race Rules

Call me crazy but for some reason I thought the weather would be warmer in Vegas than in Cleveland so I brought very little winter gear. Which is why in the picture below I am freezing waiting for the tram.

Silly little girl

Walking around Vegas with no coat on in 30 degree weather, I was just asking to get sick. I probably didn’t get sick though because I was carb loading like a pro! First stop before the expo was breakfast with Beal and John at Hash House A Go Go

John, Me and Beal

I of course had to order their pancakes, which are HUGE!!! I was really hungry and when I started I was determined that I could finish it…..that didn’t quite happen but it was delicious.


Next stop was the expo which I swore opened at 9 but didn’t open til 10 so I had to stand in line and wait for them to open the doors. It was PACKED! I completely expected it though with 44,000 runners. With as big of a race as this was, the price of the registration. the populararity of it this year and it being a Rock N’ Roll Race, I expected a lot from this expo and thought it would have as many exhibitors as Chicago or Boston. I was highly disappointed in the expo though. The Detroit Marathon expo was bigger and better than this expo.

Let the crowding begin

A little #dirtyrunner photo op made up for the expo though. That is me on the left and Beal on the right.

                              DSCN1947 DSCN1948

After the expo I broke one of my pre-race rules and grabbed a beer. I have a no drinking policy (also no ice cream and no mexican) the day before a race but since the race was at night the next day and I had over 24 hours it wasn’t really the day before yet, right?

I made up for it by more carb loading with my favorite, CREPES!

             DSCN1975 DSCN1980

Broke yet some more pre-race rules and did a ton of walking. It was my first time in Vegas and I wanted to check out all these hotels. I finally rested when I went and saw my first Circus du Soleil show, Zumanity.

“ZUMANITY unveils the sensual side of Cirque du Soleil. This mischievous production blends playful innuendo with daring eroticism in the intimate ZUMANITY Theatre. A provocative cabaret-style production, ZUMANITY features outrageous humor, alluring acrobatics and intoxicating dance set to the pulse of intoxicating rhythms. Only at New York-New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.”

The show was HILARIOUS! Definitely a must see.

 I wish I could say I went to bed and rested after the show since I had a marathon the next day but instead I went to the casino and gambled til 3am.

Do you have anything special you do or don’t do before a big race?

7 thoughts on “Breaking All My Pre-Race Rules

  1. I broke all my “rules” before NYC, too! I just couldn’t help myself – there was too much to see and do (and eat!). We even ate at a bar the night before…………bad idea. 🙂
    Someone else just told me this week about Zumanity, too!

  2. I saw Zumanity…and I may and may not have ended up on stage as a part of the show 😉 #seriously. Ask me next time you see me.

    Probably going to break a few rules in Disney (mostly walking and eating) since most of my sight seeing time is before the race

  3. I have the same no drinking rule but if it was more than 24-hours I would have done the same and just hydrated a bunch the day of!

    You need to do a post explaining what “dirtyrunner” is.

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