Something Happened In Vegas….

This is not another post about how awful the Vegas Marathon was although I do have tons more to say about it but I will just keep that to myself. And if you thought this post was about getting married I could totally punch you right now!

Normally the only guns I shoot are on Call of Duty but I don’t even get to hold a gun I hold a controller. The only chance I get to hold a gun is when playing Time Crisis or Terminator. I am convinced that in my dream home I will have Time Crisis or Terminator games….right next to pop-a-shot basketball. Dream big people 🙂 

Time Crisis

 However, in Vegas I had the chance to shoot some real guns!

This is normal right? Go to Vegas, rent guns? yeah I thinks so too 😉

I headed over to The Gun Store, a 5 min cab ride from the strip and picked out the guns I wanted to shoot. First up was a hand gun, Sig Sauer P226 9mm.


Next up was a machine gun, MP5.

Newgunpics 2011-12-05_11-35-38_625 2011-12-05_11-34-50_273

And finally, my favorite, The FN/FAL. This was my favorite gun in Black Ops so I was dying to fire it in real life. In real life, it was hard to shoot and heavy for me to hold up. Still my favorite though.


Good news is I do not own any guns in real life and do not plan on it. More good news is my targets were barely harmed so you all do not need to worry. (actually I hit my targets pretty good but I don’t want to scare away my readers)


They even gave me a t-shirt to sport when I was done shooting 🙂 They had some cute pink ones but I had to go with this one because it reminded me of Boondock Saints.

This was probably my favorite thing to do in Vegas. Anyone else do something unusual on vacation?

6 thoughts on “Something Happened In Vegas….

  1. hahaha I love it! I love that you went out on your own and did something you’ve never done before! I shot clay pigeons when I was in Denver a couple of summers ago… it was super hard & the rifles were soooo heavy!! I didn’t hit any of the targets, I was awful at it.

  2. And now I know never to cross Moja 😉 Probably the most unusual thing I did on a vacation was the cemetery tour I took in New Orleans. It was really interesting and I would suggest it as a must do in NOLA. To add to the effect, it was pouring rain the whole time.

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