Road Trip to Red Rock Canyon

If you thought my trip to the gun store was my only time off the strip then you are wrong. I really wanted to see the Grand Canyon but it was super far away for a day trip so I settled for Red Rock Canyon which was under 30 mins away from the Strip. Completely normal to run a marathon and then go hiking and maybe a little trail running the next day right?

This is my "hurry up and take a freakin picture face"...kinda looks like all my other faces though...

 When I had planned to go to the mountains I forgot that it would be colder in the mountains. It had been pretty called on the strip all week but in the mountains it was 10-15 degrees colder. If my legs were sore you never would have guessed because I instantly started running around to keep warm.

DSCN2051DSCN2032 DSCN2036 

I pretty much took the Scenic Drive (that is the actual name, I swear) but could stop and veer off to see a trail whenever I wanted. I went during the week so it was pretty dead so it was nice not having to fight for parking. I was a little scared of seeing wild animals…..I am not used to the mountains, no laughing! However, at the visitors center they told me I’d probably only see birds or Big Horn. Wait, What?!?! First off I didn’t even know what Big Horn was so I freaked out thinking it was a bear or something (bears have horns? blonde) but I guess it is some sort of sheep goat thing (technical term,  I know). They did say that tarantulas and rattle snakes are in the area but usually not on the trails but also said turtles frequent the area. As soon as they said that I was on a mission to find a turtle…..After 2 hours of searching I gave up 😦 Probably too cold for them.

Native American Handprints

If you look closely in the middle of the picture there are handprints from the native americans. I thought that was pretty cool. It was roped off so that is as close as I could get

Hello Convertible

Oh so how did I get to Red Rock Canyon? I rented a car of course. I asked for whatever was the cheapest compact whatever. Somehow I ended up with a red Corvette Convertible. HOLLA! I would never want to own this car, especially living in Cleveland but it was super fun for a couple hours in Vegas.  Oh did I take the top down, you betcha! Not for long though since it was 35 degrees.

If you are ever in Vegas and looking to get off the strip for a couple hours then I highly recommend visiting Red Rock Canyon. There are also other things in the area such as group hikes, rock climbing, horse back riding, camping, mountain biking etc.


4 thoughts on “Road Trip to Red Rock Canyon

  1. Wow, that looks awesome! Big horn sheep are pretty cool, we get them around here on some of the trails we run on. Not scary at all!

  2. I loved hiking Red Rock Canyon! My aunt and uncle live pretty close to that area, so it was a natural thing to take advantage of when we went to visit them last. Funny it was too cold when you were there to see the animals – it was too hot when we were there to see them. We had to hike early to avoid the 100 degree mark!

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