Gal’lop 5K

Usually my last race of the year, every year is the Reindeer Run 5K. However, this year I was in Vegas (running the worst put together marathon in history) and missed my “last race of the year”. Usually I don’t run another race after the first weekend of December because it is cold and possibly snowing and I am a soft runner. Give me my warm treadmill!

Simple black long sleeve wicking shirt 🙂

So since I missed my last race of the year I had to run the Gal’lop 5K to make up for it. Not gonna lie, this race runs through the hood, even starts at the Juvenile Justice Center. Which looks huge from the outside and is super nice on the inside.


 Looks like it could be a hotel…minus the medal detectors.

This is normally a small race, usually gets about a 100 people (not bad for winter in Cleveland), no chip time so I tried to get kinda close to the start so I wouldn’t lose too much time. My goal was to run a 7 min mile for the first mile and then see if I could pick it up from there. Been trying to get that 5K PR all year.

First mile was just under 7 mins, yay, but 2nd and 3rd miles slipped away. I had a little bit of a kick at the end of the 3rd mile and was able to sprint to the finish but no PR and not quite my goal time (21 anything). However, I did just run a marathon a week before and it was super cold so I am just happy I still ran a good time.

Age group Winnah

 Small race means I was 25th out of 132 runners, 5th female overall and 1st in my age group with a time of 22:08.

I know I said normally Reindeer Run is my last race of the year and that’s why I decided to run this race but I have 1 more before the end of the year! The Great New Year’s Eve 5K!

Am I the only one racing til the end of the year? Anyone else still have races?



3 thoughts on “Gal’lop 5K

  1. I’d love to run the New Year’s Eve 5k but I think its too pricey for a 5k. $20 is my max for such a short distance.

    I ran a race back in January this year that was a 5k in Ashland. Kind of thinking I’d like to run another January 5k in 2012, but maybe some where in the 440.

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