Gal’lop 5K

Usually my last race of the year, every year is the Reindeer Run 5K. However, this year I was in Vegas (running the worst put together marathon in history) and missed my “last race of the year”. Usually I don’t run another race after the first weekend of December because it is cold and possibly snowing and I am a soft runner. Give me my warm treadmill!

Simple black long sleeve wicking shirt ūüôā

So since I missed my last race of the year I had to run the Gal’lop 5K to make up for it. Not gonna lie, this race runs through the hood, even starts at the Juvenile¬†Justice Center. Which looks huge from the outside and is super nice on the¬†inside.


¬†Looks like it could be a hotel…minus the medal detectors.

This is normally a small race, usually gets about a 100 people (not bad for winter in Cleveland), no chip time so I tried to get kinda close to the start so I wouldn’t lose too much time. My goal was to run a 7 min mile for the first mile and then see if I could pick it up from there. Been trying to get that 5K PR all year.

First mile was just under 7 mins, yay, but 2nd and 3rd miles slipped away. I had a little bit of a kick at the end of the 3rd mile and was able to sprint to the finish but no PR and not quite my goal time (21 anything). However, I did just run a marathon a week before and it was super cold so I am just happy I still ran a good time.

Age group Winnah

 Small race means I was 25th out of 132 runners, 5th female overall and 1st in my age group with a time of 22:08.

I know I said normally Reindeer Run is my last race of the year and that’s why I decided to run this race but I have 1 more before the end of the year! The Great New Year’s Eve 5K!

Am I the only one racing til the end of the year? Anyone else still have races?


3 thoughts on “Gal’lop 5K

  1. I’d love to run the New Year’s Eve 5k but I think its too pricey for a 5k. $20 is my max for such a short distance.

    I ran a race back in January this year that was a 5k in Ashland. Kind of thinking I’d like to run another January 5k in 2012, but maybe some where in the 440.

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