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It is no joke that I have serious mad love for cookies. I gave them up for lent one year and let’s just say I won’t be doing that again. Last night I headed over to my family’s house and got to work making some sugar cookies. My mom makes at least 5 different kinds of cookies for Christmas every year but saves the sugar cookies for me and my sister. 


Baking with an 8 year old is hard work, why are they so opinionated and they never stop talking “sissy, sissy sissy”. In the picture you can’t tell but my sister has on summer clothes (shorts and a flowery tank top), it was almost 60 yesterday, weird for December in Cleveland. Yet I still had on sweat pants and long sleeves. My sister is always hot and I am always cold. We couldn’t be more different.

Smurf Cookies!

We have tons of cookie cutter so of course my sister wanted to use ever single one. Sorry mom for all the extra dishes. I like to get creative with my cookies and somehow we ended up with blue frosting this year, so naturally I had to make smurf cookies.

Gingerbread Men

We had a little extra time so we decided to whip up some gingerbread men while we were at it. I am not sure if gingerbread men are supposed to have sprinkles but little sister puts sprinkles on everything!

I forgot to bring some cookies home with me so I am craving them now that I am writing this post!

What is your favorite Christmas cookie?

6 thoughts on “Coooooooookies

  1. You forgot to bring them home???! Crazy. 🙂
    My favorite are the pb with hershey kisses that my mom makes. She actually bakes them with the hershey kiss already on them and the chocolate gets a little crispy. Sounds weird, but it’s totally delicious!

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