Christmas Recap

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I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and survived Christmas with their family. I mean, had a great time with family….

That's my tree!

Leading up to the holiday I am super busy baking poticas (nutrolls) every weekend starting 2 weeks before Thanksgiving up until the week before Christmas. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are even busier helping family get meals together and control rowdy kids.

                  DSCN2110 DSCN2111

In case you can’t tell, yes there is duct tape holding the oven shut. So you are probably thinking that the oven broke and that is how we keep it shut. Nope, oven is perfectly fine and stays shut on its own. However, everyone thinks they are a cook in the family (except me) and they insist on all opening the oven to see how the prime rib is doing. Multiple people opening the oven ruins the temperature or something I guess. It has become an odd family tradition to tape the oven shut now.

Jesus Cake

Ok, another odd family tradition is we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. For some reason I always think this is a little weird. Should we all go to church or something instead. The kids love it though and I get ice cream cake so I am happy. Grandma always gets weird looks when she goes to Dairy Queen and asks for a cake that says “Happy Birthday Jesus” so apparently we are the only ones who do this.

Packed house

 9 adults 5 kids (we were actually missing a few people this year) crammed into one living room and you have one packed room. Once you sit down you are probably not moving becausee you are blocked it…or someone will steal your seat. I am always cold but try to wear short sleeves to Grandma’s house because I know it will be a 100 degrees with everyone there. So worth it to see everyone though.

How was your Christmas? Any quirky things your family does?

7 thoughts on “Christmas Recap

  1. loving the birthday cake for JC! 😀 haha, Luke’s family eats Oyster Stew…uhmmm…ya… Glad you had a good Christmas!

  2. Good call on the duct tape on the oven – great idea to keep folks out! And I’m kind of jealous of your ice cream cake. My father-in-law decked out his house in “happy birthday Jesus” signs instead of ones saying “Merry Christmas”. So no worries, it’s not just you guys 🙂

  3. i love the birthday cake! and also…dairy queen ice cream cake is the best and we know JC deserves the best! at least you are not like my family, we seriously do feats of strength ala seinfeld. last year was wrestling matches. the year before was a pullup competition.

  4. Haha – that duct tape cracks me up!
    My family is like yours. My mom has 16 brothers and sisters so we’re all crammed into my grandma and grandpa’s tiny little ranch house on Christmas fighting for seats. I love it, though, and wouldn’t change it for the world. 🙂

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