Day After Christmas Shopping or Trail Running….

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner for the Free Entry into the Cleveland Marathon…Drumroll please…..The winner is….Stephanie!!!! Stephanie shoot me an email at mojamala2blog@gmail.com and I will hook you up!

Stephanie says:  

i did the 1/2 last year, but after running the marathon in hawaii, i have the itch to do another one. would love to run in my hometown :-)


The day after Christmas for most people includes shopping and returning gifts. I got coal for Christmas and that’s kind of hard to return. I’m kidding. I had a very nice Christmas, no coal and everything I got was perfect so no need to return. But really I heard there was a group of people doing a trail run the day after Christmas and we all know I would rather run than shop (Total girl fail).

stolen pics
So Pretty!

A couple of my #dirtyrunner friends were going Kali, Beal, Jeffrey, Allison, Kristy, Ryan and Mason (if you are unfamiliar with the Dirty Runners I will post about that in a few weeks and catch you up) and I thought it would be fun to go for a long run after Christmas. I had no idea there would be such a large turnout!

                  BWGroup Pic Group Pic

Yes that is the same picture, I love black and white photos but with such a large group it is hard to pick people out so I posted the color photo as well. Free hug if you can actually find me in that group picture 😉

Yay running uphill on a road 🙂

So when I heard about the run I was so excited that I missed the fact that it was a trail run. Which is fine, I just wasn’t prepared for all the mud. This was probably the muddiest trail run I have ever been on too.

That's me bringing up the rear

Not only was it a very muddy run but it was also very hilly. I always forget about all the hills while trail running. One of the best things about this run, besides hanging out with running friends, was the beautiful waterfalls. Who knew these actually existed in Ohio…probably everyone but me.

                                  climbing down meandallison

Allison was brave enough to climb down and take a picture with me….but I made her go first just in case I needed help climbing down 😉

That's me in the blue, enjoy the shot of my rear

Funny the above picture shows me climbing, hmm, pretty sure I was supposed to be running and not mountain climbing. Either way it was still fun playing outside. Even if I did eventually fall in the mud and covered my entire backside, and even if a couple times I had to run through rivers and got pretty wet and even if I got lost because I didn’t know the trails very well. Yep, still was fun.

Brandywine falls

 I had a ton of fun trail running but I realized that some of my running friends are not quite fans of trail running. I will say that it is very different from road running. It will not be something I do all the time but a few times a year I will definitely be out there. Hopefully, I can drag my non trail running friends back out for another run, maybe when the weather clears up and it’s a little less muddy. And one day I will remember to bring a change of shoes after trail running.

If you are interested in doing more trail running check out Western Reserve Trail Runners. They have a ton of races already scheduled for the year.

10 thoughts on “Day After Christmas Shopping or Trail Running….

  1. I love the waterfalls! They are one of my favorite reasons for hiking. I have zero desire to trail run. I can barely walk them sometimes without tripping over my own feet. 😉

  2. Great post, I found you so that means free hugs? WOOHOO!

    Let’s see, this post had it all, running, mud, tons and tons of people, butt shots, waterfalls… you name it!

    I live 3 miles away from brandywine falls 🙂 Gorgeous area. I am sure that the huge group you had on the trails only added to the muddiness of the day… small price to pay for a great time though huh?

    Who would have thought still no snow at this point in Cleveland?!

  3. Awesome! Looks like a ton of fun. I used to trail run in high school at Mohican State Park. It was realllllllly great. It’s something I’d like to get back into but I do love my road races. I’ve flirted with the idea of doing some trail races but I’m not just ready to take the plunge.

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