Somebody has a BLOGIVERSARY


Have I seriously been blogging for an entire year now? I would say no but I looked back and 1 year ago today I wrote my first blog post! It sucked, was short and boring so you didn’t miss much. But SOOOOO much has happened in a year I don’t even know where to begin!

Let’s see:

I ran in 37 races
5-1/2 Marathons
3-10 Milers
A couple 5 milers (a huge 5 mile PR!)
1-Warrior Dash

I became a Marathon Maniac by running 2 marathons in 14 days in May…and then got crazier and ran 2 marathons in 7 days in October.

I was selected to be an Official Blogger for the Cleveland Marathon in 2011 (and was selected again in 2012). I also gained a new nickname #TheLogo


I was selected to be part of Team Refuel-Refuel with Chocolate Milk. Your votes helped…a lot 🙂

I was named one of Clevelands Most Interesting Tweeps

I published 172 posts (this is actually post 173), Holy Cow that is a lot! My initial goal was to blog once a month….overachievier 🙂

I was hoping to get 100 people to visit my blog site within the year but I blew that out of the water and had over 24,000 visits. Pshhh crazy people.

I kept most of my personal life off of my blog, except for my love of running and my sister. Pretty much all you really need to know about me anyways.

I attended 5 weddings aka Wedding Palooza 2011 and blog about each one. Your welcome friends! (who don’t read my blog anyways, oh except you Eli)

Oh and speaking of friends, most of my “real life” friends don’t know that I blog. They are slowly finding out. Maybe they will start reading it when I eventually get the guts to post my posts on Facebook. Scary Stuff!

Oh and while I have your attention, go and Vote for my friend Jackie. Her picture was selected for a photo contest. All you need to do is like the photo on facebook and bonus points if you leave a comment! Thanks!

Vote for this photo


Top Search Terms used to find my blog:

  1. mojamala2(405 times, stalker?)         6. Warrior Dash roaring waters
  2. peal izumi peak ii review                      7. towpath half marathon
  3. chicago marathon                                  8. peal izumi peak 2 review
  4. cleveland marathon 2011                     9. marathon videos
  5. mojamala2blog                                      10. buffalo marathon 2011

Funny Search Terms:

  1. Urban Camping                                       6. marathon “peed myself”
  2. Spooky Nerds                                          7. wears short shorts
  3. Canada is America’s Hat                        8. speedo
  4. Cleveland spandex muscle man            9. in mud up to butt
  5. Waffle Abuse                                           10. Butt blaster girl

I tried to link to the ones I knew they were relevant to but some I have no idea how they ended up at my blog.

Hmm there are probably a couple things I left out but thanks to everyone who has been reading my blog for the past year. Hoping you stick around for another year!

15 thoughts on “Somebody has a BLOGIVERSARY

  1. This is a really fun recap! I enjoyed reading and I didn’t know you were a top Tweeter. Congrats!

    I decided sometime in 2011 to share my blog with family/friends. Some already knew but I just became more transparent, talk about it conversation, etc. I just make sure I post stuff that I feel comfortable that my Dad reads. He is now a daily reader. LOL.

  2. Happy blogoversary! That is one impressive year you’ve had – can’t wait to see how many marathons you’ll run in even fewer days next year! 🙂

  3. Congratulations and happy blogiversary!! How did you get selected for all these things? Team Refuel, Official Cleve Blogger, becoming “the logo,” ect? You need to blog about that! Oh and how did you find out what search terms found you? I MUST know because some of those are really funny!

    No one really reads my blog either. Most of my daily views are probably my mom. Oh well. Keep it up and I will keep reading!

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