Ragnar Relay Team Meeting

Finally, had my first meeting with my Ragnar Relay Team. I knew most members of my team members already but it was nice to get together and see everyone and to meet the members I didn’t already know IRL (Hi Julie and Jill!). If you don’t know what a Ragnar Relay is, long story short, 12 runners, 2 vans and 200 miles of running 🙂

"The Packet"

TheHeldawg (our team leader/captain) was kind enough to provide a packet to every runner, which contained maps, elevation charts, the race bible, etc. He also went over the important things that we needed to go over….which I forgot already because I was too busy fighting over getting a hard leg to run. I think I have secured the second hardest leg 🙂 We also discussed other super important things like if we see a wild animal on the course, specifically a bear, what would we do….pretty sure we never figured that out just came to the conclusion that it would be awesome.

Group Shot

Looking forward to a few more meetings with this team and running 200 miles with them!

Anyone ever run a ragnar relay and have any advice? My team consists of experienced runners and mostly marathoners but no one has ever ran a relay of this length.

11 thoughts on “Ragnar Relay Team Meeting

  1. You are going to have so much freaking fun you won’t even believe it!!! I ran Ragnar Central Florida two years in a row (2009 & 2010) and had such a blast. If you check my race recaps tab on the blog you can find the recaps. My advice to you: Pack your running outfits for each leg in a large ziploc bag so that way as you change the wet stinky clothes go in to the bags and don’t contaminate the rest of your stuff. Bring Febreeze to deodorize the vans every couple of hours. Arctic Ease wraps for aches and pains. Baby wipes are your best friend to “rinse” off with between runs. Try to be good about only eating stuff you would normally eat before runs. It’s so tempting to snack but by your third run you might feel like death! Keep a journal/van log of all the funny things that happen along the way, it was by far the best thing we did for both. People say and do some strange things when they haven’t slept and are running. And finally, HAVE A FREAKING BLAST!!!!!!!!

  2. Absolutely listen to Morgan’s advice! The zip lock bags, febreeze, and baby wipes! Document everything; pictures, write stuff down, tweet, however you want to. You won’t want to forget a moment of it! Have a blast and don’t forget to stretch!! (Being cramped in the van can do a number on your legs). Which Ragnar are you running?

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