Cleveland Marathon 2012 Training Plan

Finally, I have come up with a training plan for Cleveland. I have put a lot of work into this plan. I have added holidays, vacations, races etc into my schedule so that when those things come up, they won’t throw me off. Must be on top of my game if I want to run a 3:30 marathon. Yep, going for a big time PR this year.

The Plan:

  • Take at least 1 rest day a week. 2 if my legs are tired, feeling injured etc.
  • Cross Train at least 1 day a week. Spin, Yoga, Pylometrics etc. I can cross train and run on the same day.
  • Don’t skip out on speedwork or long run. Need the long run to finish the marathon, need speedwork to hit my goal time 🙂
  • Run outside at least 1 day a week. If you do not know, I am a “soft” runner. If it is cold, windy, rainy, snowy or dark, I will run inside on a treadmill.
  • Run at least 1 run per week at Goal Pace (GP-8 min miles) or faster 🙂
  • My plan is missing 1-2 races that I am still waiting for dates to get posted (Catch A Leprauchaun and CWRR Spring Classic)


If you are looking at this plan and thinking that that is a lot of miles, well it is. But I love a high mileage plan and have found that that is what works best for me. I have been running around 40 miles a week, 5-7 miles a couple times during the week, a long run on Saturdays and an easier run on Sundays so I am all ready to jump into this plan on Sunday.

Let’s Do This Cleveland! Sub 3:30 or bust!

How many weeks do you include in your training plan? I can train in about 14 weeks but I always get so excited and want to start my plans early so 19ish it is 🙂

14 thoughts on “Cleveland Marathon 2012 Training Plan

  1. Looks like a good plan. I used Brain Training by Matt Fitzgerald last year and had AWESOME results. Says the same thing, tempo and long runs are “key workouts” don’t ever skip them.

    I trained for cleveland in 10 weeks last year due to injury, felt so so.

    I hate training plans… always have. This year I am training w/ no training plans 🙂 Not going for any PRs though, should be interesting.

    Get yo butt outside already will ya?

  2. 3:30 is in the bag! I know it! Solid training plan. I like to experiement – I did 20 weeks of training for Boston and that was a bit too much. NYC was 18 weeks and that was sheer perfection! I’ll probably do 18 weeks for Columbus in the fall. I like high mileage too, but I really start playing with fire if I run more than 4-5 days per week, that’s when my body starts to break down and injuries start surfacing. Looking forward to seeing how your training goes and how you do in the CLE!

  3. you can do it JB. As long as you keep your eyes on your goal and stick to your plan you will get it. 3:30 or die! Or just be super upset (as to not be as dramatic). can’t wait to run glass city with you! Teabaggers unite!!

  4. That’s a very impressive training schedule. When you helped me create mine at least you never asked me to do what you wouldn’t do. Best of Luck.

  5. Haha – it’s funny you wrote that right under the training schedule because that’s exactly what I was thinking (the high mileage)! Lol. I’m kinda jealous because if I run more than 4-5 times a week I ended injured…… I can’t wait to see you PR in Cleveland – I know you got it in ya!!

  6. Sub 3:30 is amazing to me. I just want to get down to a 5 hour marathon. Baby steps I suppose. And I am also a “soft runner.” I have never heard that term before, and I like it! If its 19 degrees and snowing, I would much rather go to the gym. Thank you Rocky River Fitwork’s Movie Room.

  7. Seriously, you are my running idol. Your real plan makes me feel like 1.) I am a chump and 2.) I have got my training plan all wrong. I look forward to seeing you in Toledo on April 22nd!

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