Road Race Series


So way way back in hmm 2007 maybe, the Road Race Series was how I got started in racing. My first year home after college, I was running to keep in shape and after scoping out the Hermes site for months I talked myself into signing up for a race. The race I signed up for was the Nurses Fun Run 10k in May and was one of the races in the Road Race Series. I had to make a quick decision on if I wanted to do the series or not. I decided to do it so that it would motivate me to run more races. However, the series started in February so I had missed quite a few races and would need to do some major catching up.

In order to be eligible you have to run 7 of the selected races in the series, there are usually about 16 races in the series. Even though I started in May I still made it to 7 races and ended up placing 1st in my age group.


In 2011, I decided to do the Road Races series again. I had skipped it for a couple years because I was running marathons and had weddings to attend so I couldn’t make enough races. I definitely missed the series the years I didn’t do it. You meet so many people at races in general but you start to see the same people over and over at races when you are all in the series.

I have a couple more weeks to decide if I want to do the series in 2012, most likely I will be. Click here for more information on the Road Race Series.


Oh and in 2011 I was first in my age group again. New goal, top 5 overall. Shoot I think I just talked myself into doing it for 2012.

Age Group Winners

Please note the picture is blurry to keep everyones identity a secret. hahahahaha yeah right, just my awful camera skills. Your Welcome.

Have you ever participated in a running series like this? Anyone doing the road race series this year?

4 thoughts on “Road Race Series

  1. woah congrats on the top finishes w/ the series!

    I hate how expensive road races are getting anymore. I have been actually looking into off name races lately haha. I love racing, I hate having to work to support my hobby though 😉

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