Cleveland Marathon Training Week 3

Hit all of my runs for week 3 and noticing some improvements in my speedwork. Ran outside 3 days last week. Not too bad for the winter, although this winter is extremely mild. And then I had a cross training fail aka I didn’t do any 😦

Sunday: 8 miles-outside with Mason, Beal, Ryan and Kristy.
Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: Speedwork=3-1 miles @ 6:53, 6:46 and 6:41, 4-800s @ 3:07, 3:01, 3:00 and 2:58. Plus warm up and cool down=7 miles
Wednesday: 6 Miles
Thursday: 6 Miles
Friday: 6 Miles with Kristy
Saturday: 15.25 miles with Second Sole

Total Mileage: 48.25 Miles

I think I am going to stop and buy a new yoga video or something to motivate me to cross train more. Ugh or I can get a strength training video, I hate strength training, such a lazy runner 🙂

 What do you do to cross train? Any tips for a lazy cross trainer?

10 thoughts on “Cleveland Marathon Training Week 3

  1. Great job! Man you have twice as much mileage as me and my marathon is a month before yours… crap!

    I am the opposite of you, I have the cross training down pat, it’s that running thing that is lacking on my end haha.

    Keep up the great work! Looks like a great year ahead of you 🙂

  2. Check out the options on your cable network. I know mine has hundreds of free work outs under the “on demand”. Only draw back is that they only last for a month, but that just means new work outs every month! Good luck!

  3. For yoga I always keep an ear out for the discount classes or free workshops. I also have a few yoga DVDs. You can check the library for some or try YogaDownload.com.

    You have a gym membership right? Can you take classes there? Like spin?

    Another idea is to do abs, planks, body-resitance type exercises at home while watching TV.

    1. I guess I do a little cross training, I do conditioning a couple days a week (situps push ups etc). Trying to make it to classes at my gym, but that whole work thing gets in the way 😦

  4. Isn’t it funny how speed work actually works? Lol. I’m finally starting to see some improvement, too – who woulda thought? Lol.
    Great training week, Jess!

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