Cleveland Marathon Training Week 4

A couple ups and downs with this weeks training do to the snow storm we got on Saturday. I admit I was pretty cranky about my Saturday long run but I have to remember that I cannot control the weather and I did what I could.  Also I did much better on cross training this week. I used some of the workouts on my Nike Training App. They have workouts from 15-45 mins. Sometimes I would do a quick 15 minute workout before I left for work or at night while I was watching tv. If you have not tried this app I recommend it. My legs were sore for days.

Sunday: 8 miles-outside with Ryan. Super bowl Sunday so the group didn’t meet.
Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: Speedwork=3-1 miles @ 6:42, 6:43 and 6:37, 4-800s @ 3:04, 3:00, 2:59 and 2:55. Plus warm up and cool down=7 miles
Wednesday: 7 Miles
Thursday: 7 Miles
Friday: 6 Miles with Kristy
Saturday: 10 miles with Second Sole down in Hinckley. Which if you are not familiar it is really hilly which makes for great training. What didn’t make for great training was all the snow we got. Running up hills in the snow was not going so well when you had no traction. Also, it was snowing pretty hard while we were running and my eyelashes kept freezing together. So yeah, that was fun. Since I only got in 10 miles I moved my long run til Sunday instead.

Total Mileage: 45 Miles

97 days til the Cleveland Marathon. I am getting super excited!!!!

9 thoughts on “Cleveland Marathon Training Week 4

  1. I ran 10 Saturday morning in that snow storm as well. We ran a 10+ minute mile pace, but I felt like I had run 15 miles at an 8 minute pace. It was like running on a frozen, windy beach.

  2. yay snow! i’m proud of you for putting your big girl pants on and running in the cold (i know you don’t like wearing pants) tee hee 🙂 keep up the great work and you will crush your marathon goals!

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