Chili Bowl 5K 2012

I went back and forth on if I wanted to run this race this year. It is a good race but I really wanted to get a good long run in. I was afraid the 5K would make my long run extra hard, and the race didn’t start til 9:30 so my long run wouldn’t be done until much later. I eventually decided I would run the race and that it would be awesome speedwork and to see where I am at in my training to far.

Loving this year's shirt

After a 2 mile warm up, parts of which were on the 5K course I felt pretty comfortable with the course. Nothing too hilly and the wind didn’t seem like it would be a factor. Last year for this race it was incredibly windy for the entire race so I was happy that there was very little wind.

I had so many goals for this race: 1) don’t go out too fast, 2) run sub 23, 3) run 22 something, 4) go crazy if I PR, 5) don’t be upset if I don’t PR, and 6) have fun!

Before the race I ran into so many Cleveland area runners that I haven’t seen the past couple months so it was nice to say hi and it also helps to keep the nerves down. Yeah I still get nervous after running over 100 races.

As the gun went off, I was going way fast but felt amazing, I slowed down a little but my first mile was a 6:25. For the second mile I just tried to hold on to that pace which was not easy but ended up with a 7:05 for the second mile. After that I hit the wind and could feel my pace slowing down and also had to go up a gradual hill. Mile 3 ended up being 7:32 and my sprint to the finish was at a 5:55 pace. I was doing some major work and finished with a time of 21:28 a 6:55 pace. For the first race of the year I am beyond happy with that. Proving that my hard work and speedwork is paying off. I have been chasing a PR in this distance down for a while and I think this might be the year I get it. Fingers Crossed!


So I didn’t place in this race, was 5th in my age group but there is some pretty tough competition so there is always next year Winking smile

Anyone else race the Chili Bowl this year? thoughts? (I loved it).

Next race is St. Malachi 5 miler, who will be there (raises hand). Pre-Register before March 8th for only $18 (your welcome)

7 thoughts on “Chili Bowl 5K 2012

  1. SOOO Awesome! Such a great feeling to start the year off with a bang, you’ve been working hard and proved it yesterday! This year is gonna be full of PR’s for the whole crew!!!!! Can’t wait for St.Malachi, will be a fun weekend!!!!

  2. awesome work girl! you know, i’m running into that same problem. wanting to do a shorter race but have a LR on tap for the day…. oof. runner problems. and RACING no matter the distance and finishing up the remaining miles for the day is tough but AWESOME training!

  3. HELL YEAH! Great job! I have run this race the past two years and bailed this year. Didn’t like the change in the chili terms haha.

    That being said, that damn gradual uphill at the finish was a pain every time!

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