Cleveland Marathon Training Week 5: Tired

Not really sure why but my legs were really tired this week. Could have been all the running I did in the snow last weekend plus back to back long runs, awesome speedwork, and it being week 5 of training. Whatever it was my legs are almost over being tired now. Now they are just sore, good thing today is my rest day 🙂

Sunday: 8 miles-outside-group run with Heather, Beal, Mason and Ryan. We even went to brunch afterwards and then I did 8 more miles to complete my long run that I missed on Saturday due to the Blizzard.

Thanks for the picture Heather!

Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: Speedwork, 6-800s @ 3:03, 3:02, 3:04, 3:02, 3:01 and 2:57. Plus warm up and cool down=7 miles. First time this season I have done just 800 repeats and it was hard. Mentally and physically. and Nike Training App 15 min leg sculptor
Wednesday: 6 Miles and Nike Training App 15 min arms
Thursday: 6 Miles and Nike Training App 15 min Butt Blaster
Friday: 6 Miles and Nike Training App 15 min Shoulders
Saturday: 2 mile warm up, 5K race, 3 miles with Ryan, 6 miles with Eli and then 3 more on my own for a total of 17.

Total Mileage: 58

Only reason my mileage was so high is because I did a long run on Sunday and then one that Saturday. This week I should be back to my normal routine as long as we don’t have a snowstorm on Saturday. If we do I will just head to the treadmill instead 🙂

I have been kinda good about cross training. Have not been to yoga or spinning (fail) but I have been picking a Nike Training App workout and doing the short 15 min ones. Also still keeping up with the Fab Ab February.

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