This Year For Lent I Am Giving Up Everything!

Not sure why but pretty sure every year I give up something food related for Lent. Last year I gave up pop and that wasn’t extremely hard but was a minor inconvenience at times. This year though I am giving up a list of things. God help you all.

I was going to do The “No Junk Food Challenge” for the entire month of March, instead of the 21 days it states.

But with Lent starting, ummm, tomorrow, I decided to do this for the next 40 days.

OMG I am going to die. (cue dramatic music and screaming)

 So yes I am giving up the following:

  • Chocolate-including chocolate milk *gasp!
  • Candy-I miss you already Swedish Fish.
  • Cookies-Oreos, I will come back for you. I promise.
  • Cakes, Donuts, Muffins, Pastries-I love you carbs, xoxo!
  • White Bread-I really don’t eat you anyways so this should be easy. Peace out.
  • Chips-this includes chips and salsa, one of my favorite snacks.
  • Fast Food-I don’t eat fast food often, but I will miss you Taco Bell (yes I eat Taco Bell sober, don’t hate).
  • Pop-This one is fairly easy since it is rare that I have it now anyways, plus I gave it up last year, so really this is round 2. Oh hey, Pop is not even on the list and I am giving it up. Go Me!
  • Peanut Butter, Nutella and other yummy spreads Yes I said Peanut Butter, wow is this getting tough.
  • Ice Cream-Including Fro-yo. Don’t forget about me Menchies.

If I survive this it will be because coffee and beer are not on the list. Hopefully I can get by eating popcorn and hardboiled eggs as my “junk food” for the next 40 days.

Questions: Do pretzels count as chips? and does Subway count as fast food? I say no to both but I don’t want you guys to think I am cheating so let me know!

If you participate in Lent, what are you giving up? If you don’t do Lent feel free to join me in my death sentence/No junk food challenge anyways (even if it is just for a week, 21 days, a month or 40 days). Also any tips on some healthy snacks that I can eat is more than welcome. (Besides fruits and veggies)

20 thoughts on “This Year For Lent I Am Giving Up Everything!

  1. I have been giving Lent a lot of thought this year and I am on the same path with no junk food. But I am also working out in some way or another for 40 days. Walk, run, weights. Hopefully this works.

    Pretzels are not junk food and neither is subway if you don’t get white bread!

  2. I am gonna join you in on this because I totally failed at my no sweets February! Peanut butter is gonna be tough for me since I didn’t count that out as a sweet. But Subway, not fast food in my books, and I think pretzels are okay since they are baked and have much less calories than chips.

    One snack I’ve come to love is hummus with my veggies. Makes a much healthier dip than ranch. Also if your looking for a crunchy snack-almonds!

    I am really wanting to get my bad food cravings under control and ready to re-make better habits!

  3. May the force be with you friend!!!

    I’m giving up the junk for lent to, but still keeping TB as an option because I couldn’t get away with not allowing TB in the mix living with Spike, the king of TB!

  4. I like this! I’m not Catholic, but I typically go on what I call the “Lent diet” every year. The year I gave up coffee I almost killed a coworker and the year I gave up drinking I had the saddest St. Patty’s Day ever, but your list seems pretty doable. Except the chocolate part. I eat a kids Clif bar for breakfast every day (the chocolate chip kind) and I don’t think I could survive without them.

    Good luck to you!

  5. Heyyy!

    Okay, I love that you are doing this and I have my opinions. 1. Keep Subway because it’s not bad for you and will be a saving grace when you want fast food. 2. Pretzels aren’t chips. 3. I love this list up until the peanut butter. I don’t think it’s a junk food in moderation. This is a great idea! Can’t wait to see how it goes.

  6. I’m still deciding on whether or not to give up anything. Maybe “desserts”. But haven’t decided. However I’ve gotta say:

    1. Peanut Butter isn’t bad for you. So I disagree with that one.
    2. Are you talking “soft pretzels” or the ones that come in a big bag? Big difference 🙂

  7. I love your little comments after each item! So fun and I enjoy it when your personality really comes across in your posts.

    Like a few others have already mentioned, peanut butter has no place on this list- and I wouldn’t include chocolate, either. It all depends on what you are buying! Cheap products with lots of sugar and trans fats are junk, but the good stuff (peanuts, some salt and nothing else) is very healthy.

    I have to wonder if this list was constructed by a European. The inclusion of Nutella before peanut butter and the use of the word biscuit before cookie causes me wonder. Also, how many Americans do you know that refer to foods as “naughty?” If my hunch is correct, “chips” may refer to fries and you may be in the clear with some tortilla chips & salsa!

    I would totally call both pretzels and Subway junk food, though. Sorry! Pretzels aren’t inherently bad but have little to no redeeming value. Salt + carbs = junk food at its core! And processed meats are pure junk. So, unless you’re ordering a veggie sub, I wouldn’t feel right eating Subway during Lent. But, it all depends on what perimeters you set for yourself. To me, junk food is really any food void of nutrition that’s consumed purely because you enjoy the taste.

    Good Luck! I give you a ton of credit just for trying this. I look forward to hearing how it goes.

  8. I did something like this… well I gave up all processed food, meat, dairy and alcohol back in 2000 and that’s how I became a vegetarian!!! The first week will be tough but then you will be good to go! I bet after Lent you don’t eat those things as much. I never eat junk food anymore. I felt so much better, healthier and with so much more energy I didn’t go back to so many things. And you are cool w/ pretzels & subway!

  9. Must agree with those above — pretzels are not junk food and Subway is healthy!!

    For lent, I have chosen to give up all sweets (deserts, candy, cookies) etc, plus I’ve started a 1200 calorie diet, which has lots of protein and veggies/fruits and low fats/carbs. Soooooo miss my sweets — I love chocolate, but I really love to bake and try out new recipes!!!!

  10. I gave up junk food for lent as well!!! Eating loads of veggies, fresh fruit and nuts w/ hummus, almond butter and Greek yogurt w/ a spoonful of honey for dips!!! Also cocoa covered almonds for my sweet tooth, PURE AWESOMENESS if you haven’t tried them!!! Good luck and god bless sweetie 😉

  11. have you tried PB2? It’s peanut butter in a powder form and you add water. I think it’s something like 80% fewer calories? It’s good! I have that on double fiber bread (Orowheat) and feel not so bad for eating a peanut butter sandwich!
    I want to do this eating plan along with working out and PRAYING everyday during Lent. Anyone care to join me?

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