I’m A Morning Workouts Person Now

Over the past couple months I have made the transition to a morning workout person. I will be the first to admit that it was not an easy thing to do, I love sleeping in, who doesn’t. I also love being able to come home from work and not have to run, eat dinner and go to bed.

At first I started out by working out in the morning if I had something to do after work. This way I was guaranteed to get my workout in. I would hit the snooze multiple times but would eventually, slowly drag myself to the gym. Once there I was fine. Getting there was the hard part.

I eventually started going every morning and guess what? It got easier and easier to get up at the god awful time of 4:40am. Seriously, if I take a rest day I wake up at 5am (on my own) and am like “OMG!!! I over slept!!!” Nope, just used to early morning workouts.

Here are my tips to get yourself out the door and to the gym.

  • Have everything ready to go and laid out the night before. Gym bag packed, Ipod charged and clothes ready. Even have your shoes untied so you can just slip your feet in and go.


  • Sleep in your gym clothes. I will sleep in my tank, sports bra and socks most days. That way when I get up all I have to do is throw on shorts and go. (Bringing sexy back, I know)
  • Put your Ipod on your night stand. When the alarm goes off, instantly turn your Ipod on and put in your ear buds (don’t want to wake the whole house). The music will wake you up and get your moving.

  • Don’t think! When the alarm goes off, don’t even think about how tired you are or talking yourself into a few more minutes of sleep. As soon as you start to think about it, you talk yourself out of it.
  • Bribe yourself. I tell myself I can have a special coffee to reward myself for working out. Seems counter productive but after my workout I usually decide I don’t want or need it. (Shopping Bribes work too)
  • Move your alarm clock. Preferably across the room.
  • Grab a friend. Have a friend meet you for an early morning workout, can’t skip when you are meeting up with someone.
  • Go to bed early. Duh. Go to bed early wake up early. Pretty much rocket science right there folks.

If those tips don’t help, maybe it will help just know that you burn more calories by working out in the morning. Talk about jump starting your day!

Are you a morning worker outer? Any tips that help you wake up?

8 thoughts on “I’m A Morning Workouts Person Now

  1. 90% of the time I work out in the morning. A year later, I still have days where I don’t want to get out of bed. My phone is my alarm, so I set it to flash motivating statements like “time to sweat”, “you never regret a workout”.. and my favorite is my last alarm for when I over sleep “are you workin’ it yet? you could be half way done if you just GOT UP”. I like your tips- I’m going to try having my gym clothes ready and the ipod thing!

  2. The time of day I run/workout depends on the season. In the summer, I’m 100 percent early morning, but on my daily runs during the other seasons, I just go when I can. But anytime I have an early workout, I wear my clothes to bed so all I have to do is put in my contacts and go.
    And I’m really jealous of how tiny your shoes are haha 🙂

  3. those are great tips! thanks for sharing! i have my BEST days when i work out in the morning.. however, like you said.. who doesn’t love sleeping in!

  4. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh………..I am the WORST when it comes to morning workouts. I really wish I could do it, but I’m a big baby. Having workout friends is pretty much the only thing that motivates me to workout early. 🙂

  5. I give you MAJOR props.

    I have been and continue to struggle with this. My biggest issue is I seem to “need’ that 8 hours of sleep. If I get any less I am cranky-pants. So that means if I get up at 6 a.m. I need to go to bed at 10 p.m. If I started getting up at 5 a.m. I’d be in bed by 9 p.m. For me that’s a challenge because it’s so early at night I can’t even try to participate in much of anything social-wise!

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