I TRIed & Did Not Drown

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen some of my #trinottodrown tweets.  Christian a fellow runner turned triathlete talked a group of us into doing it. Considering I don’t swim, I went back and forth on if I really would do it. Friday night, I decided for many reasons that I wasn’t going to do it. It was a far drive, I would rather sleep in and get my running miles in. (and maybe I was a little a lot terrified of the swim portion).

Not sure what happened Saturday but I decided I would actually go to this race. The race consisted of a 20 minute swim, a 20 minute bike ride and a 20 min run. If I had to swim an actual set distance there is no way I would have went.

Group Pool
#DirtyRunners just before the swim start

So early Sunday morning Kristy picked me up and we made the long trek to the Twinsburg Fitness Center for The Twinsburg Indoor Tri put on by the Cleveland Triathlon Club. We met up with Mason, Beal and Uncle H when we got there and were non stop jokesters. Pretty sure all the other serious triathletes there rolling there eyes at us.

I was a little nervous that a) we were in the first heat and b) that we had to share lanes. Luckily, I was in the same heat as all my friends and got to share a lane with someone I knew, speedster Kristy.

And they're off

I think after 3 mins we were all laughing at how much longer we had to swim. My swim strategy was to swim down and back and then hold on to the wall and rest and repeat. Considering I really don’t swim and didn’t practice swimming at all, I am surprised I was able to do as many laps as I did. My initial goal was to go down and back once but I did a lot more than that.

Once the swim was over, we had 10 minutes to change and get on the bikes.  Which I thought was plenty of time but that was before I tried to take off a wet bathing suit and put on a sports bra with tired swim arms. That was almost as challenging as the swim portion…almost.

Once on the bike I felt more confident. Well almost. The bike was another thing I haven’t practiced and really can’t remember the last time I even took a spin class but as long as I kept my legs moving I knew I would be fine. The bike was Beal’s strong point and I was expecting him to crank out 20 miles or something crazy but the bikes were set at a certain resistance and I think we all ended up doing about 10 miles in 20 mins.

    MaseBikesBike2 BealyBikes 

After the bike we had about 5 minutes before we had to start the run portion. Finally, something I have practiced and have experience in! However, I do not have experience in running after swimming and biking. After a couple minutes though my legs warmed up and didn’t notice how tired my legs were.

                                   thumbsupyo Kris Runs

We did the run on an indoor track. I have no idea how many laps was a mile but pretty sure Kristy lapped me 5-6 times.


 We may have been the most inexperienced triathletes there (yeah we call ourselves triathletes now) but we also had the most fun and thanks to Uncle H’s wife we have the pictures to prove it! (Thanks Auntie H! and Cal and Riley for cheering!)

We are so talented and can stand on the ceiling

 So for some reason this picture insists on being upside down. No matter how many times I rotate it, save it, re save it, save as different names, save as different file extensions, open in paint, open in windows whatever photo thing that is, it always ends up upside down in the blog. Oh well. The point is we finished, I placed 3rd in my age group (my sister wants to know how many were in my age group, I really hope it was more than 3) but Kristy was a complete baller and was the overall female finisher! Way to go Girl!

The big question now is, will I stick with this and do another one??? Right now ehhhh probably not. My swim needs a whole lotta work and I would need a road bike. Swimming outside in open water probably isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Down the road maybe…..maybe Twinsburg Indoor Triathlon 2013….

Also, this is the most sore I have been in a really really long time. Seriously, everything hurts right now. EVERYTHING

13 thoughts on “I TRIed & Did Not Drown

  1. See! Aren’t they fun 🙂 I find them a lot easier than running… mainly because of my horrible ADD and I can switch whatever workouts I have based on my mood haha, it’s wonderful!

    Great job! Nothing like placing on your first ever TRI 🙂 (I may or may not know a thing about that feeling too haha).

  2. My two fav parts of this post are the upside down picture and you correctly spelling Twinsburg in one part of the post and misspelling it in another. Twinsburg gets no respect! Go Tigers! … seriously though… awesome job lady. Glad you decided to be a fellow noob with all the other noobs.

  3. Nicely done! I HATE swimming. Seriously, with a passion. So I would have had no issue if you didn’t do it – but I’m definitely glad you did! And if you are that sore, then YES you are definitely allowed to call yourself a triathlete!

  4. ohhhh!!! It looks like you had so much fun! I’ve been thinking of doing a tri as well but am having the same thoughts as you! Not wanting it to cut into my running. So thought of maybe half assedly (is that a word?) training for one in between my big summer race and fall/winter race. just to mix it up a bit.

  5. good for you guys!! I have thought about moving into tri’s eventually, but I haven’t found a place where I can swim. I need a invest in an olympic length pool for my backyard 🙂

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