Cleveland Marathon Training Week 6

Week 6 training wasn’t too bad still had some pretty tired legs in the beginning of the week but by Friday they felt fine (just in time for my long run). Still not doing so well with the cross training but I am trying. I do the Nike training apps when I can but fitting in time to go to a yoga class or spinning just isn’t working with my work schedule. Why doesn’t anyone pay me to workout and play video games all day yet?

Sunday: 8 mile group run with Kristy, Beal and Ryan. After doing a 5k and 17 miles the day before I was pretty tired but Beal hung with me and pushed me to finish (if he wasn’t there I probably would have started walking after 5 miles)
Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: Speedwork, 8-800s @ 3:02, 3:04, 3:02, 3:02, 3:00, 2:58 and 2:56. Plus warm up and cool down=7 miles. Not gonna lie, 800s whoop my butt! and Nike Training App 15 min leg sculptor
Wednesday: 7 Miles
Thursday: 6 Miles and elliptical for 20 mins
Friday: 6 Miles and Nike Training App 15 min Shoulders
Saturday: 15.5 miles on the treadmill. I just couldn’t take the cold and wind this weekend. Trying to avoid getting sick.

Total Mileage: 49.5

Oh so close to 50 miles, had I known I was going to be that close I would have ran an extra .5 any day.

81 days til the CLEVELAND MARATHON!!! Registration fees go up tomorrow (Feb 29) so if you want to save a few bucks don’t forget to register!

About Jessica M.

30 something runner from Cleveland, OH. I am an avid runner, marathon maniac, Boston Marathoner and an Ironman! I have completed 15 marathons (16 if you include the Ironman) and am an Official Blogger for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. I am also a Proud ambassador for Nuun I enjoy traveling, running, my Croatian heritage, Hokas, baking, playing tambura, reading, sno cones, cevapi, anything pumpkin flavored, swedish fish, napolitanke, craft beer, kit kats, smoothies, chips & salsa, Kinder chocolates, racing, marshmallows, my amazing husband and our dogs Bodhi & Bandit. Both are named after Columbus Brewing Beers. Contact me at:
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3 Responses to Cleveland Marathon Training Week 6

  1. Holly says:

    I would also like to get paid to stay at home and work out! LOL

    Some blogs I read and people write about working out constantly.. oh and wait… you do not have a job. Woudn’t we all?

  2. Great week of training Jess! I think it was you that was doing the pushing on Sunday. I was completely out of gas at mile 5 as well.

  3. mollyberries says:

    Your training is looking SOLID! Especially those 800s! Hellllllo speedy!!!! Excited to see what you do in your races this spring!

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