Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Training Week 7:Speed Work Fails

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Last weeks training was a bit rough and it was one of my lower mileage weeks. The triathlon at the beginning of the week wiped me out. I rallied by the end of the week but my speed work took a hit…and that’s ok! I had a hard time getting my legs to go fast since they were so sore and tired. On Tuesday I tried speed and it just wasn’t happening. I tried again on Thursday and while not stellar still something and better than nothing.

Sunday: Indoor Triathlon! Yep you read that right. Talk about some awesome training…aka I was sore all week. But my SUnday morning running crew joined me. Kristy, Beal, Heldawg and Mason. 20 min Swim, 20 min Bike, 20 min run +5 miles after. (probably should have skipped those 5 miles after.

Sunday Run Crew

Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: Speedwork Fail! I was still sore from Sunday but tried to do speed anyways. 1 mile at 6:45 and 1-800 at 3:10 and I was done. I continued running until I reached 6.5 miles. It was rough.
Wednesday: 6 Miles and yoga!
Thursday: Speedwork Saved! (kinda) 3-1 Miles at 6:48, 6:52 and 6:47 and then 10 mins of hills. 7 miles total
Friday: 45 mins on elliptical. 15 mins Nike Training app Arms and 15 mins Nike Training app butt blaster. Was supposed to run outside after work but worked late. #workfail
Saturday: 17.02 miles outside in the wind. I am writing this post so I obvisouly didn’t blow away but it may have been a close call at times.

Total Mileage: 44.7

This week I met my goal of running outside at least 1 day a week (and yep, only 1 day this week), also cross trained many days. Biked and swam on Sunday, yoga on Wednesday, Elliptical and light weight training on Friday. Go Me!

Malachi 5 miler is this weekend and I am super pumped. Such a big race and for a good cause. Can’t wait to see you all out there.

74 days til the RIte Aid Cleveland Marathon!!! I wish it were tomorrow, seriously.

4 thoughts on “Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Training Week 7:Speed Work Fails

  1. lower miles but still a very solid week… with all the cross training you def did way enough cardio!!!! I’m def ready for Cle to creep up… the next months are gonna fly though with all the fun races coming up!

  2. An indoor triathlon? How did you even find that? Sounds like fun! All the swimming would have worn me out. I’m not that awesome at swimming, but have been thinking about dabbling in a triathlon. But there’s nothing wrong with a low mile week, you bust out some serious miles most of the time anyway. I’m psyched for Malachi also! Hope the weather holds out!

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