Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Training Week 8: Making The Plan Work

Looking back at my marathon plan I really didn’t follow it too well this week. My schedule got a little mixed up and I had to make some last minute changes like taking an unscheduled rest day on Thursday and then running on Friday which I wanted to be my rest day (because I was racing the next day). Sometimes I just can’t control my schedule or the weather but I still make it work. I still got in my speedwork and a long run and those are 2 of the most important things that will help me finish this marathon.

Sunday: Ran the St.Malachi course + 3 miles=8 total, with Beal, Kristy, John and Ryan. (usual Sunday crew).

Sunday Group in front of the Rock Hall

Monday: 4 Miles and 25 mins Elliptical
Tuesday: Speedwork 2 miles @ 7:25 pace, 1 mile @ 7:05 and 2 miles @7:25. Also set the treadmill to incline at 7 and ran uphill for 3 mins. (plus warm up and cool down)=7 miles
Wednesday: 7 miles at 7:25 pace (probably one of the best 7 milers of my life)
Thursday: Unscheduled rest day. Weather (cold rain) and work forced this one.
Friday: 5 miles and 20 mins on elliptical
Saturday: 13 miles total. 2 mile warm up, St.Malachi 5 miler and 6 mile cooldown/PRvictorylap.

This might have been a good picture if I would have slowed down but I was on my way to a PR so I threw up a wave and cruised on. Also my hand is not that fat I have hand warmers because I am a freeze baby.

Total Mileage: 44

Do you follow a plan? What do you do when you get off schedule?

68 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Training Week 8: Making The Plan Work

  1. Had no plan until I purchased a Garmin for Christmas…now I log on DailyMile and stay very motivate…..day’s off are a good thing at my age…..Training is over-rated was my motto last year and I got injured….wised up and am now training and in better shape but have all but given up on returning to my sub 3 hour days.

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